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Student Quizzes on Infuse Learning

No description

Jessica Cox

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Student Quizzes on Infuse Learning

Student Quizzes on Infuse Learning
Step 1
Log in to
on the iPad.
* You can
iPad app
) out the web address to all the iPads so you do not have to type each one in individually.
* Tap the arrow button in the Safari toolbar, then select
Add to Home Screen
. This will create an icon on your iPad screen.
Step 2
Open the
Infuse Learning
icon on the iPad.
* Have students enter the
Room ID
number, found in the upper left hand corner of the teacher dashboard, and their name. (You could
this out also)
* As students connect their names will show up on the
teacher dashboard
Step 3
As students complete the quiz, their names will turn grey on the
teacher dashboard
* When all students are finished, click
End Quiz/Get Results
* You will then have the option to email or download your results. On a Mac you will need to e-mail them, on a PC you can download.
Once you have the results spreadsheet opened in either
you can see each child's individual responses.
* The short answers are slightly tricky for the computer to grade so I just graded them separately, changed the number correct and then adjusted the formula on the spreadsheet to recalculate the grade.
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