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Window Treatments


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Transcript of Window Treatments

Window Textiles Artun Bestepe
Mohammad Sharabati Index History of Window Textiles Types of Window Textiles Blinds Curtains Semi Sheers Sun filters Turkish Manufacturers Pricing Manufacturing Processes History of Window Textiles •2nd to 6th century the first curtains were used as a room dividers. that were made from animal hides. •With advancements in textile production, weaving and dyeing, the evolution of household textiles marched right along with developments in clothing. the development of machinery around 1840 lead to mass-production of textiles •By the 1950s and 1960s, curtains were essential components to most homes and were carefully incorporated into architectural Blinds Definition:
Window covering composed of long strips of fabric or rigid material

Blind is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjusts by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. There are two types of blinds

1. One which allows transmission of some light

2. Other is made usually cotton fabric known as black out material which gives 100%opacity. Fabrics and Materials fabrics that can be used for blinds
Silk ( Embroidery)

Cords Other Materials Types of Blinds Venetian Blind Roller Blind Accordion-plated Vertical Blind Cascade loop blinds Are made up of vertical slats or louvers laced together with textile cords.
Vertical blind act as a efficient light filter. Are made up of horizontal slats or louvers laced together with textile cords. Fabric is rolled on a cylinder connected to a spring, and placed either on top of the window or at the bottom. Austrian Blind A constructed of textile fabric that is vertically shirred to create length wise bans of horizontally draping folds. The level of transparency is determined by the amount of fabric taken up in the gathering Balloon Blind As the shades are raised and lowered the folds open and close the same way the folds in an accordion’s belows open and close when the instrument is played Horizontal tucks in the fabric panel add visual interest; soft loops, often called architectural folds. Properties of Blinds Window blinds have varying thermal effects They can block unwanted heat of the summer sun and they can keep in heat in cold weather. They reduce light to varying degrees, depending on the design. Many kinds of blinds attempt varying balances of privacy and shade. Standard factors for blinds Relaxed length.
Color fastness.
Thermal insulation.
Draping quality.
Dimensional property.
Flammable resistance. Where can it be used? -Houses
-Small Toilet or Kitchen Window
-Home Offices
-Small Offices Curtains Definition A curtain is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure:
Light - Air - Water (Shower Curtains)

Drapes are heavy fabrics that contain linings sewn onto the reverse side of the fabric.

The purpose of lining is :
To protect drapes and interior spaces from damaging UV rays
Adverse light
Immediate aesthetic Curtain What is the difference between Curtain and Drapery?
Drapery fabrics are heavier than curtains fabrics

Drapery Curtains used for aesthetic. Curtains for need. Drapery Resources
Performance of Home Textiles - Subrata Das

Web Sites:
https://www.storcuyuz.com/?s=page&p=24 Fabrics used for Curtains Cotton Verdi Perde - Tanrıverdi Group Brillant - Baydemirler Flax Silk Wool Acrylic PET Viscose •One of the biggest manufacturers in Turkey. Also they exports to 80 other countries
•They done all kind of Window textile Favorable factors in a Curtain Solid color, plain weave
Textured synthetics yarn.
Jacquard or dobby weaves including different styles e.g Damask.
Checks and bordered styles.
Pile, woven or knitted fabrics.
Modacrylic fiber used for flame retardancy . Hints From Turkish
Market Grommet Tab Top Thermal or Blackout Sash Flat Panel Rod Pocket Curtain Styles •In a year they are producing around 80 million m² curtain.
•They have all kind of window textiles. After economic crisis window textile sector had the chance to reboot, and get back to its normal shape. Turkish home textile industry is considered to be one of the most
developed industries in the world. *There are nearly twenty different styles of curtains and draperies. pieces of fabric are boarded on all four edges and hung from the decorating curtains poles with a clip-on rings. These curtains are made with narrow straps that loop or tie at the top edge, which are threaded through poles for curtains. The type of curtains where the rings are inserted into a hole hem which hangs from the curtain poles. The mostly sheer fabric material used to cover the lower frame of the windows. The stylish and easy to sew curtains, Also the top of the curtain is shirred onto a curtain rod. •These types of curtains have very tightly woven fabric, usually in multiple layers. They do not only block the lights, but also serve as an acoustic controller. Usage areas of
Curtains and Draperies Houses Showers Offices Theater Stages Store Cabinets Semi Sheers Definition Transparent and lightweight window covering that is used with curtains or draperies. Characteristics Use of coarser yarn Often textures or fancy yarns Combination of leno and plain weave Woven construction Fabrics used in Semi-Sheers -Tulle


-Muslin (Woven Cotton)

-Voile (Cotton, Linen, Polyester) Types of Semi-Sheers Blank Sheer The simplest sheer type, trimming or designs are not exist Designed Sheers These kinds of sheers are usually dyed and have some embroidery or printing on them. Voile Sheer •Voile is a soft, sheer fabric, usually made of 100% cotton or cotton blends including linen or polyester.

•Voile also used as window treatments, mosquito nets etc Usage Areas •Houses
•Kitchen or Bathroom Windows
•With Curtains or Draperies Sun Filters Sun filters blocks unwanted sun lights and UV lights.
They allow limited amounts of sunlight to come through window. Characteristics -Protects your Furniture
-Keeps your home cooler
-Reduce Glare
-Less Bright Usage Areas Houses Schools Public Locations Turkish Manufacturers According to the manufacturers of these products; Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, sales have been increasing rapidly Pricing For Blinds For Curtains & Draperies AB x CD = m²
EF X GH = m²

AB = 2.52
CB= 2.94
2.52x 2.94 = 7,40 = 8 m² For Accessories Dx(Ax3) +C + B = Total Meters of Curtain •Multiplying the horizontal part with three is because of curls. Price Ranges Curtain Draperies
15,99 TL – 1,000,00 TL/m Blinds
9,99 TL – 249,99 TL / m² Window textiles sales with m² and meter These price ranges has come up from researches that done from 10 different companies.

•Taç Perde
•Aydın Perde •kaya Perde
•Store World
•Persan Perde
•Soylu Perde
•Saraç Gold Embroidery can be done to all kinds of curtains Embroidery Curtain Production Weaving Warp weft weaving prefixing Dyeing Prepare the Yarn Face Embroidery Curtain Machine Yarn on the back side
(Shuttle Preparation) Finishing, Packing,
Delivery Thank you For
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