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Movie Poster Analysis

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Imogen Ames

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Movie Poster Analysis

Movie Poster Analysis
The Help
The main colour used in this poster is yellow. This colour connotes a
bright, happy, positive energy
. This energy suggests a
comedic genre
, therefore a
happy ending
. The yellow can also imply a
setting that is dated
. This movie takes place in the 1960's.
Purple is the secondary colour in this poster. This vibrant colour implies a lighthearted energy.
For this movie poster analysis assignment I chose the movie posters for 'The Help' and 'Divergent'.
The title and
the masthead
The release date
The Billing Block
The Production Company
The clothes worn my the characters symbolize the class and place in their 1960s society. The two white women on the park bench are wearing pretty pink dresses and nice shoes. This indicates that they are from an upper-class.
The two black women on the left however, are dressed in dull maid clothes and shoes that are clearly used for comfort. (often on their feet, constantly working).
The contrast in clothing between the two groups show that the black women are from a lower, working class that work for the upper-class white women.
The park benches can also symbolize a depiction of everyday life.
Focal Points
In this movie poster the background of a park is washed out by a heavy yellow. This implies that the setting of this movie is not important. The washed out background also puts more focus onto the characters presented.
We also see that one of the women is looking directly at the audience. Her facial expression shows that she seems to be between the two sides. This connotes that she is a main character and that she may represent 'the help' in the plot.
The woman to the far left represents black women's hatred towards white women, while the character beside her expresses more sympathy. Lately the woman to the far right who is looking at her nails looks rather snobby, which represents the overall attitude of white women in the 1960s towards black people.
The overall message of the focal points is white superiority and a chance of change towards this issue, this message is represented visually.
The characters are represented photographically while the importance of these characters is represented graphically.

The intended audience for this movie poster is young adults (teens), adults as the main theme is racism. Those who have read the book are also apart of the intended audience.
Genre Conventions
The colour scheme is the major element that suggests that this movie is a comedy.
The focal points of this poster indicate that this movie is also a drama due to the major theme of racism and racial inequality.
As this film is a comedy the audience is promised a happy ending. The title 'The Help' suggests that the ending will be on a high note.

The bright colours and the cast draw a lot of attention to this poster. The yellow and purple are very eye catching. Emma Stone and Octavia Spencer are also two very popular actresses that can attract a large audience.

The tagline
"Change beings with a whisper"
can intrigue many viewers as the change is in regard to black people, which is a heavily discussed topic.
"beings with a whisper"
is also a very intriguing line as it makes the audience curious as to how the story develops and ends.

Overall, I believe this is an excellent movie poster that will attract many. I believe that the poster
represents the messages, themes, genres and symbols of this film.
I personally watched this movie as I was attracted by the bright colour scheme and the subject of this movie.
The release date
Billing block
The main colours used in this poster are blue and black. The black clothes represent power and establishment obtained by the two. Both of these colours are also commonly seen on action movie posters. The darker shades add to an intense atmosphere.
The tagline includes a repetition of the work "makes" as well as the "d" sound adds to 'catchyness'.
This movie poster has many symbols as it appeals heavily to those who have read the book.

>The colour of the clothing represents power and establishment of the characters.
>The gun behind Four's back represents a war or intense conflict.
>The Ferris Wheel is a symbol of love as it is a place where the two main characters shared a meaningful moment in the book.
>Their position on the ledge symbolizes how their lifestyle is dangerous and 'on the edge'.
>The descending sun represents a feeling of hope and urgency.
>The birds also symbolize freedom and possibly family as Tris has the same birds tattoed on her to remind her of her family.
>The line through the title symbolizes danger and action that follows the Divergent.

As the movie poster's goal is to attract even the most particular fans of the series, the poster includes many visual symbols from the book. For example you would have had to have read the book to know that the Farris Wheel represents a romance between the two main characters.
Focal Points
The main focus points of this poster are the two main characters. They are each in uniform which represents power and allegiance. They both look powerful and strong as they look out at the world surrounding them. In the background we are looking down to see a destroyed city which suggests a problem with the city or society. With the help of the low camera angle we can then draw a conclusion that the two characters are in a war against the conflict and play the role of the protagonists.
These elements are photographic. The messages in the poster are primarily visual.
The descending sun can also symbolize hope and a decrease of time.
The intended audience for this poster are kids, teens/ young adults and those who have read the book.
The characters' costumes, the colour scheme and the camera angles strongly suggest an Action genre. The symbols included may also imply a romance within this movie.
The movie poster includes the appearance of Shailene Woodley (from TFioS) and Theo James, two a/b-list celebrities. The movie poster also mentions that the movie is from the worldwide bestseller. The popularity of these two elements will attract many fans.
I personally believe that this is an excellent poster that attracts both the first time viewer and the fans of the series. Due to the fat that I have read the book, the messages expressed through this poster are very clear to me. However I find that the visual elements and popularity of the actors and series will attract many more viewers.

I would definitely see this move based on the movie poster. Just by looking at the poster I can see many symbol and I can predict that this movie promises lots of action and an interesting companionship between the two main characters. Another element that personally makes me want to watch this movie is that it is based on the book Divergent, I like this because I like comparing the books to the movies.
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