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French Nationalism

No description

Brock Little

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of French Nationalism

1789-1799 Declaration Rights of Man Tennis Court Oath Storming of the Bastille Women's March to Versailles Reign Of Terror Meeting of the Estates General Abolition of the Feudal System The Royal Family Flees France Declares war on Austria Creation of the Constitutional Monarchy The storming of the Bastille helped nationalism throughout France because it demonstrated the strength of the people and encouraged them to move forward to obtain the rights they were trying to achieve.
This event occurred July 14,1789 The Tennis Court Oath helped the nationalism throughout France because it united the people to achieve a equality for everyone and to attain a constitutional monarchy in France.
The Tennis Court Oath occurred on June 20,1789 The Declaration of the Rights of Man improved nationalism in France because they abolished the inequality between all men by introducing this document.
This event occurred August 26,1789 The creation of the constitutional monarchy in France helped french nationalism because it gave the people a feeling that they had a say in what occurred in their country meanwhile still keeping the king as the head of state and a figure head.
This document was established September 3,1791 The Royal Family's attempt at escaping the country hurt Frances nationalism because it gave a sense that the people were being abandoned and that if the royals were fleeing there was no hope.
This event occurred on June 20,1791
Important people in this event is King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and their children. The abolishment of the feudal system helped Frances nationalism because it gave the largest estate of people a sense of freedom and release because they could now be considered as equals to the people who were previously in the first and second estate and it also got rid of all special privalages in France.
This event occurred on August 4,1789 French Nationalism The reign of terror hurt the nationalism of france because everyone was living in fear of the national razor or the of guillotine because even if the government believed you were plotting against them or disagreed with their political decision for France you would be executed.
This event spanned from September 5,1793 to July 28,1794.
The most important person related to this event was Maximllian Rospierre who headed the operation of organizing all of the executions. The Women's March to Versailles helped french nationalism because women were not thought to be able to change anything but they did the opposite and showed everyone that they could change things in society, and later on obtained rights.
This event happened on October 5,1789 The Meeting of the Estates General helped Frances nationalism because it showed that France was seeking political change and trying to fix its issues.
This event happened on May 5,1789 France Declaring war on Austria helped Frances nationalism because people wanted to show a sense of patriotism.
This event occurred on April 20,1792 Brock Little Napoleonic Era Napoleon is Declared Emporor of France The event of Napoleon becoming the emperor of france helped frances nationalism because it gave France stability, let the citizens regain their rights, and he gave them a figure to idolize and follow.
This event happened on December 2,1804 Napoleons Expansion of France Napoleons Expansion of france helped the countries nationalism because it gave all the people in france something to feel proud about which inturn inspired patriotism.
This event occurred from 1804-1814 Battle of Waterloo The Battle of Waterloo hurt French nationalism because they lost the war but resulted in the Congress of Vienna and stabalized Europe by re-mapping the political boundaries.
This event occurred from March to June of 1815 Napoleon Is Exiled to Saint Helena When Napoleon is exiled for the last time to Saint Helena helped Frances nationalism because it helped stabalize the countrty and also keep it out of wars that were uneccessary.
This happened in December of 1815 The Death of Napoleon The death of napoleon would of helped frances nationalism because it helped the country move on and not as many soldiers and citizens will die because of war related issues.
Napoleon died In May of 1821
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