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SITE Webinar: Shall We Play a Game?

S. Marcus Hswe, Director of Client Services at Tandem Learning

Tandem Learning

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of SITE Webinar: Shall We Play a Game?

Shall We Play A Game?
Games-based Learning and Learning 2.0 What Do YOU Think Is A Game? Some definitions ( from Mike Zyda in his 2005 article in IEEE Computer entitled, "From Visual Simulation to Virtual Reality to Games:"

* Game: “a physical or mental contest, played according to specific rules, with the goal of amusing or rewarding the participant.”

* Video Game: “a mental contest, played with a computer according to certain rules for amusement, recreation, or winning a stake.”

* Serious Game: “a mental contest, played with a computer in accordance with specific rules that uses entertainment to further government or corporate training, education, health, public policy, and strategic communication objectives.”
So, Games Are Fun...But Can They Be Used for Learning? Game Is A Four Letter Word Shall We Play a Game? Game On! Begins With This Webinar Rules of the Game

Find clues via Twitter, Facebook, SITEConnect, and SITE communications
Communicate answers directly to me, but no e-mail!
You must use Twitter, Facebook, and SITEConnect for communication
Use of email is not an acceptable form of communication
Each correct answer = 10 pts
No deductions for wrong answers
Leaderboard: Updated Weekly via SITEConnect Group Channels for Clue Distribution No e-mail! End Game Final Clue Distributed at Conference in Indy If you are unable to attend, partner with an attendee to retrieve the final clue There Can Be Only One! Grand Prize Given to Player With Highest Score James Paul Gee's
What Video Games Have To Teach Us Semiotic Domain - Multimodal Literacy
Learn to experience
Join social group
Gain resources for learning & problem solving Games Are Social Activites Learning Can Be Informal Case Study: DevLearn 2009 Zombie Apocalypse Objectives
Identify social media tools that can be used for communication across the enterprise
Determine how these tools can be implemented in an organization
Case Study: National Sales Meeting
Wine Producer Objectives
Encourage behaviors in sales representatives to help differentiate the company’s products and services from competition
Expand product base in clients using report analysis, relationship building, and training
And Now For the First Clue!

What was the May 20, 2010 Question 1 for #lrnchat on Twitter?

There are several ways to search, though the easiest may be to search for "#IndySITE #lrnchat" via search.twitter.com

Remember to Use ONLY the Accepted Forms of Communication And Learning Can Be FUN How to Contact Me Inside the Game
Twitter ID is @spydeesense
Facebook (SMarcus Hswe)
SITEConnect (Marcus Hswe)

How to Contact Me Outside the Game

GOOD LUCK! Learning 2.0 incorporates Web 2.0 technologies as well as immersive learning tools and strategies to address learning goals...in, like, a fun way!
From Bersin & Associates May 2010 Newsletter (Analyst David Mallon)

• Shorter content is better

• Use rich media with higher production values

• Consider incorporating 3-D simulations and games as tools are becoming affordable and relatively easy to use - learners love the results

• Consider mobile learning as Apple, RIM, and the various Google partners just may make mobile learning mainstream

• A company’s learning culture has tremendous business impact so building and maintaining a strong culture of learning is just as important as the tools you choose and the programs you implement

Alternate Reality Game (ARG) And there are hidden bonus points for using
the social media tools at your disposal...
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