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All-star Cheer

Business Prezi

Addi Harris

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of All-star Cheer

All-Star Cheer Stunting Tumbling Bow and Arrow Scorpion/ Needle Scale Back-handspring Back tucks Fulls 1. You pull a heel stretch. 2.Grab your foot with your right hand. 3. Then take your left arm and put it through the middle. 4. Then pull your left arm to the left side, making your leg go behind your shoulder. 1. Grab you foot with your left hand 2. Pull your leg to your head making a circle (While you are pulling your leg grab your foot with your right hand as well.) 1. To pull your needle you go into your scorpion and pull your leg completely straight. 1. Grab your shin on your left leg. 2. Pull your leg completely straight. 3.Then tilt your body until your legs are vertical with each other. 3. Swing your arms down and jump back. 1. Stand with your arms up. 2. Act like you are sitting in a chair (With your arms still up.) 4. You land on your hands then pop them off the floor, then your feet come down and you land standing up. 1. A tuck is pretty much like a standing back flip, so all you do is jump up and throw your arms up. 2. You then tuck your legs and spin. 1. A full is pretty much like a layout except you spin. So you do the exact same prep as a tuck. A basket toss is where you throw your "flyer" or girl on top up into the air then she does a trick, then you catch her. Pyramids Most people when they think of a cheer leading pyramid they think of a bunch of girls standing on top of each other. But that isn't really how it is, A pyramid is really just a bunch of stunt groups with the "flyers" or girls on top connected. Layouts 1.A layout is a back tuck with your body completely straight. So your do the exact same prep as a back tuck. Basket Tosses (To do this you have
to be very flexible) Work Cited Pictures: Google Images Videos: YouTube By: Payton Gines
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