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No descripsion

Katie Leung

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Bones

What are bones made of??
Bones are made by different types of layers.
Let's ask a person that studies bones.
Dad, what are my bones made of?
Sonny, I said that I'm coming to your school to talk about bones.
Today, Mr.Enin will be talking about bones.
Bone are made up of different layers. The outer layer is called the periosteum. Under the periosteum, there is a smooth and hard bone called the compact bone and under there is the bone marrow that is a think thing like jelly. Under the bone marrow, there is a sponge like material called cancellous.
Let's ask more questions.
What will happen? If I don't have any bones??
Mr. Enin, what will happen if I don't have bones?
You will be floppy and you can't move because your bones support your body.
There is never enough information so, more information will be waiting....
How many bones does average adult have?
An average adult has 206.
Where is the smallest bone in your body?
In your ears.
Are teeth bones?
Teeth are actually not bone.
Mini quiz
Talking about bones do you even know how much you have? Actually, When you are born you have over 300 bones but when you are a fully grown adult you will have 206 bones.
The biggest/longest bone in your body is the one in your thigh called "Femur" and the smallest one is your ear it's no bigger than a grain of rice it's called "Stirrup/Stapes".
Have you every thought that teeth were bones? But teeth aren't actually bones because teeth don't have the regenerative power that bones do.
Bone are made for support for the body and to protect important organs like brain, heart and lung. All the bones together are called the skeleton. The skeleton can move because of there are flexible joints. The spine is flexible because it is made of separate bones
Did you know,
that there is a bone in your body that isn't connected to any other bone? It's the bone that make you talk and make sound it's called "hyoid" bone. The hyoid bone is place at the base of your tongue. Without this bone supporting your tongue you wouldn't be able to talk.
Let's see if you listened to what I talked about.
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