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Histology Web Quest

No description

Zach Novak

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Histology Web Quest

Dense Regular Elastic Cartilage Connective tissue Muscle tissue Human tissues Histology Web Quest Nervous Epithelial tissue made from collagen fibers that run in a certain direction.
its function is to make tendons and ligaments.
it can be found in the actual tendons these are tissues that are from elastic fibers that allows stretching
can be found in the lungs, artery walls, and vocal chords Hyaline Cartilage this is the most common type of cartilage
it can be found in the ends of long bones, the ribs, and nose. Fibrocartilage this contains chondrocytes and collagen
its main function is to conduct fusion and create support
its mainly found in the knees and intervertebral disks of the back Vascular tissue (Blood) This is responsibe for transporting the blood throughout and within the body. Simple Cuboidal This can normally be found in ducts in the kidney tubules
It functions for secretion and absorbtion Simple Columnar Its found in the digestive system with the same funstion of secretion and absorbtion Stratified Squamous It is the surface of the skin its location can be foundin the lining of the mouth, esophagus, and throat.
The main function of this tissue is to physically protect any part of the body from abrasions. Stratified Cuboidal This is usually found within the lining of some ducts but this is very rare.
same as many of the other epithelial tissues its function is to provide secretion & absorbtion. Transitional This particular type of tissue can be found in the urinary bladder and the main function allows expansion of this tissue then recoil after stretching. Bone Adipose located near the heart and lungs
it's a store house for nutrients for energy
concists ofadopocytes, a fat cell, that is used for insulation Areolar located around the organs
binds skin to muscles and supports
loose arangement of cells and fibers Recticular located around the organs
supports frame work for organs
contains reticular fibers and cells Simple Squamous found near the lungs, heart lining,blood vessels, and kidneys
function is diffusion and filtration
its a single layer of flat cells Skeletal alttached to the bones
it's function is movement
striated muscle packed in bundles, voluntary, and controlled by the nervous system Smooth found in the lungs and blood vessel walls
function is to move things throughout the body
spindle-shaped cells, involuntary, and unstriated Cardiac located ONLY in the heart
cyncronizes contractions during heart beats
striated with intercalated discs, voluntary Pseudostratified located in the nasal cavity and trechea
it protects and secretes
single lays not in even columns Nervous located throughout the human body
sends impulses to the brain and spine
irritable and conductive located around the organs
stores calcium and is the framework of the body
also kniown as the osseous, it is the strongest tissue in the body
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