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South African Apartheid Causes and Effects

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Elizabeth Jones

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of South African Apartheid Causes and Effects

Causes of the South African Apartheid
World History Century Project
by: Elizabeth Jones
Long Term Causes
Dutch settlers arrived in 1651
1700s, Dutch Farmers (boers) took over land which belonged to the natives.
1867, Diamond mining begins. Blacks are given the most dangerous jobs as well as paid less then white workers.
1908, South Africa declares independence from Great Britain.
The South African Act, created
in 1910, took away all political
rights of Black Africans in 3 out
of the 4 South African states.
In 1912, the African National Congress is created.
Short Term

In the 1920s, most black Africans were fired from their jobs. Those jobs were then given to whites.
Representation of Voters Act: this law weakens the political power of black Africans in some regions and only allows them to vote for white representatives
In 1948, the national election was won by the National Party by using segregation and racism as their platform by using 'apartheid' as their slogan.
After the national elections, government came down heavily as a result of the liberation movements intensifing their efforts.
As a result, government created the Suppression of Communism Act.
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(Information listed)
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