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Athens and the Geography of greece

No description

James Mitton

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Athens and the Geography of greece

Location Absolute Location: 37.9778 North, 23.7278 East Relative Location: 2 Vasilissis Sophias Athens, Greece10671 Greece And The Five Themes of Geography By: James Mitton Places The national language is greek, the anthem is the Hymn to Liberty, and are a Parlimentary Republic. They Have a population of around 11 million and have millions of visitors every year.
They have a varied climate but it is mostly Medditeranian. It has semi tropical vegetation, fertile soil and a breathtaking variety of mountains, valleys, rivers, and pleateaus.
Located along the Medditeranean Sea in Europe in the Northeastern Hemisphere. Human-Environment Interactions They cultivate the crops and use the waters to provide a small measure of transportation for the people all the while increasing air pollution to ridiculous heights. Movement The people of Greece also use Trucks, Trains, Planes, and Boats to transport goods. (Catapults too.)
They communicate information through electronic communication as well as mail.
Ideas are communicated through social media. Regions Greece is a region of the world defined by both Formal and Vernacular regions. The Formal region is the penninsula and islands that are under the jurisdiction of Greece's government as well as the water and mountains that separate them.
Greece is also defined by the vernacular sense as people think of Greece and all they can think of are the old marble and other expensive stone structures and this constricts Greece's ability to grow too far away from them.
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