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Lecrae Moore

No description

Caty Currie

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Lecrae Moore

Lecrae Moore Born and raised by his single mother in Southern Houston, Texas, Lecrae Moore often moved, living on the streets of San Diego, Denver, and Dallas.
At a young age, Lecrae's Christian grandmother took him to church a few times but he labeled it to be for "old people".
Lecrae and his mother were abandoned by his drug addict father and Lecrae was left questioning his self-worth.
Moore's uncle, who was a gang member, took him under his wing at a young age. Since Lecrae found a male model to look up to he wanted to be just like his uncle, be in a gang, dealing drugs, etc. Going into college, Moore joined some of his friends at a Christian conference. He heard about all that Jesus did for him and what turmoil He went through. Lecrae broke down and repented and said he never wanted to live that way again.
For a year Lecrae was between partying and being devoted to Christ at the same time. He came to God through a prayer one day and confessed that he felt like he was going to kill someone or himself and asked God to change his heart. Later Moore discovered that he could put his rapping talents and his passion for the Lord together.
Lecrae ended up ministering to kids in juvenile detention for 3 years every weekend watching these kids praising God through rap.
Around this time he teamed up with Reach Records, releasing his first album at age 25.
Lecrae remained content using his gifts of speaking and rapping while volunteering at a juvenile detention center, but the Lord had different plans, and he soon began working on his debut album. Pouring out a genuine discussion of life issues and a passionate, unashamed pursuit of Jesus Christ, Lecrae released Real Talk. Going into his teens, Moore realized that there was something still missing. He says "I knew my ways were unfulfilling. I chased power, pleasure, and possession." He knew he would never fully be satisfied with those worldy things.
One night Lecrae was arrested for trespassing and being in possession of drugs. As he was waiting in the police car the cop was going through Lecrae's car and found a bible. The policemen let Moore go and told him that he wants him to get in that book and start living it. Lecrae was later in a car accident where his car rolled several times and was crushed but there wasn't a scratch on him.
He felt God radically changing him and that night he gave his life completely to God.
"To realize that I was living a lie, to realize that I was unsatisfied and never would be until I came to Jesus was so revolutionary for me. I wanted everyone to taste it, I wanted everyone to see how awesome God was."
He typed up his testimony and handed it out to everyone on his college campus. He was laughed at and mocked but he was proud of that story and told it to everyone who would listen. As Lecrae continued to make his career in the music industry, he realized the stage wasn’t enough. He wanted to see a deeper impact in urban culture (the mainstream). There needed to be a culturally relevant and biblically solid resource center to help train the next generation, so he co-founded ReachLife Ministries in 2005.
ReachLife is an non-profit organization that helps local spiritual leaders stay equiped with knowlege and tools that will help the next generation understand and get closer to God. Lecrae is now 33 years old and resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and their 2 children.
He recently won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album of 2013.
After Lecrae's manager accepted the Grammy Lecrae tweeted saying, "Just won a Grammy. I dedicate it to all the Unashamed fam all over the planet. 1. 1. Six - To Go Be The Glory."
Also recently Lecrae was quoted on MTV. "If people throw stones at you, use them to build something."
Winning a Grammy has landed Lecrae in the mainstream where he is ready to insert the Lord and change the urban culture and it's way of living.
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