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Twitter Basics for Entertainment Execs

Why should you get on Twitter? Viewers are engaging live with content like never before. Here's how.

Nicole Winchester

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Twitter Basics for Entertainment Execs

Twitter is all over TV. nicole.winchester@cbc.ca fergusheywood@cbc.ca @noizangel @FergusHeywood Follow us on Twitter Twitter Basics Twitter Basics - limited to 140 characters - started that way due to SMS (texting)

- combination of newsfeed, stream of consciousness, chat room, and broadcast channel

- what makes it social is direct interaction between users - following & followers

- what makes it special is immediacy, aided by its mobile integration, and one-to-one interaction

- immediacy makes it a natural platform for covering live event

- immediacy and ease of interaction create perceived intimacy with other users, even ones that you don't know personally (like celebrities)

- interaction does not require that one person 'follow' another - so personalities can talk to fans without adding them back

- If someone is on Twitter, it's possible directly connect with them in reatime. For fans, this is huge. ("OMG, I just talked to ... !")

- Replies and 'Retweets' have been called 'the autograph of the 21st century'. + for CBC Entertainment = Twitter Terms You May Have Heard - Hashtag - Any word or phrase with a # in front of it, no spaces. IE: #cbcdragonsden; #mrd; #bestcoversongsever.
Hashtags easily track conversations and can 'trend'.

- Trending Topics - A topic trends when there's a combination of novelty of topic AND a high volume AND acceleration of tweets to trend in a location - Magic Combination!

- Promoted Trend - A Trending Topic that has been promoted by Twitter in partnership with an advertiser

- Promoted Tweet - A Tweet that has been promoted by Twitter in partnership with an advertiser

- 'Live-Tweet' - Tweeting an event or show 'live' to add value, depth or behind-the-scenes info

- Retweet or RT: To send on someone else's tweet for the benefit or amusement of your timeline

- Direct Message or DM - 'DM me'. D @username will message someone Why is everyone talking about Twitter? - 250 million tweets a day, 100 million active users, 500 million accounts

- Whenever something big happens in real world, it is mirrored on Twitter - provides a digital mirror of the world

- When a hashtag or account name is put on air, you will see an immediate 2x to 10x increase in Twitter volume live during the show

- Nielsen says the volume of conversation 3 hrs before a show about that show can provide a 1% increase in ratings for every 10% increase in Twitter conversation - Nielsen & Twitter

- 35% of Canadians have accessed online content related to TV programming they were watching at the time

- Social media sites such as Facebook group/fan pages were accessed by 42% - up from 26% in 2010

- 59% of regular CBC watchers are usually or sometimes online while watching TV - Forrester

- 27% of respondents to TVGuide.com study released Feb. 27/12 say they watch more live TV to “to avoid plot and reality spoilers that may be revealed in real time on social networks.”

- 17 percent of respondents say they have started to watch a show and 31 percent say they have continued to watch a show because of a social impression - TVGuide.com

- Viewers are multi-tasking and are looking to engage

- Twitter provides a simple, cost-effective way to start or enter a conversation Are Viewers Interested? Event:
- 2012 Super Bowl: 12.2 million social media comments
- 2012 Grammys: 13 million social media comments
- 2012 Oscars: 3.8 million social media comments
- 2011 MTV VMAs: 3 million social media comments Non-Event:
- ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars on Feb 20/12: 114,489 social media comments
- FOX's Glee on Feb 21/12: 164,404 social media comments
- NBC's The Voice on Feb 6/12: 246,834 social media comments Case: Pretty Little Liars Case: MTV VMAs A MTV host Jim Cantiello announces the #WhatWillGagaWear hashtag on-air
B The VMA main show begins with a gender-bending performance from @ladygaga
C Jay-Z and Kanye West take the stage
D Adele performs
E Beyonce's performance begins...
F ...and ends with the big reveal of her "baby bump" Why Does It Happen? What is the CBC Doing with Twitter? Mr. D - Hashtags 22 Minutes - #22OscarParty Dragons' Den - On-Screen Twitter Basics Timeline Profile Twitter 'language' seems difficult, but is not required and is easier to pick up than you think! Who is on Twitter? Everyone! Twitter Tips for Shows - Use Hashtags On-Air - Whether explicit promo message or 'madlib' conversation starter, showing hashtags on-air will generate tweets about the show in real-time -- and after.

- Show @account Names On-Air - Official accounts will get spikes in followers from showing their Twitter name on-ait. @piersmorgan gained 4500 followers as an immediate result of his Twitter account appearing in a lower third.

- Live-Tweet During the Show - Having talent and crew live-tweet a show has a direct impact on Twitter followers and social buzz. Fans also love insider info -- and you're getting real-time reaction to your show!

- Share Special Content & Give Unique Access - Give followers content and info they can't get from anyone else: sneak peeks, photos from upcoming episodes, Q&As.

- Encourage Everyone to Participate - Fans love insider info no matter where it comes from, and uncommon perspectives sometimes provide the most entertaining or interesting Twitter accounts.

- Let the Fans Decide - Twitter is a good medium for this, but is can work as well on Facebook or a blog; crowdsource a name for a minor character or new art for someone's house. Great opportunity to give fans a little say in the show.

- Break News - Twitter is the primary news source for many people -- if you have big news about a guest star or a new season, Twitter will spread the word fast. Twitter Tips for Personal Accounts - Tweet in Your Own Voice - Twitter is about being authentic and transparent. Being yourself works best.

- Live-Tweet Events - Many of your followers will love a look at life in Canadian TV, so feel free to tweet events, parties, conferences - lots of people do all of the above.

- Engage With Your Followers - If you can answer questions, respond. If someone beings up a good point, thank them. If they are fans of your shows or your work, this will be considered a compliment.

- Mention Other High Profile Accounts - @mention people you work with and admire, welcome people to Twitter, start public dialogue!

- Re-Tweet Tweets You Find Useful - If you find a link in a tweet or a tweet itself useful, click 'retweet' to share it with others, and give the originator a hat-tip.

There are other uses for Twitter that might work for you, like themed or industry chats -- the best way to find out is to see how the people you follow use it and go from there! Resources Twitter's Media Site: media.twitter.com
Lost Remote - Excellent site about Social TV: www.lostremote.com
Guide to Twitter: michaelhyatt.com/the-beginners-guide-to-twitter.html
A Producer's Guide to Twitter & TV: dev.twitter.com/media/twitter-tv
Tweeting for TV: dev.twitter.com/media/tweeting-for-tv
5 Ways for Showrunners to Engage Their Audience: www.tvguide.com/News/Social-TV-Showrunner-Tips-1038063.aspx
5 Tips for Actors to Interact with Their Fans: www.tvguide.com/News/Social-TV-Actor-Tips-1038069.aspx
10 Reasons Every TV Exec Needs To Start Tweeting: mashable.com/2010/11/05/tv-executives-twitter/
20 Twitter-ers You Should Be Following: www.tvguide.com/News/Celebrity-Twitter-Follow-1005651.aspx
Top 20 Showrunners to Follow On Twitter: www.tvguide.com/News/Top-Showrunners-Follow-Twitter-1044194.aspx
Social Media User's Guide & Guidelines:
Nicole's CBC Twitter List: http://twitter.com/noizangel/cbc/members Twitter for iPhone Twitter for Blackberry
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