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lung cancer

No description

jarett asberry

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of lung cancer

lung cancer
the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in one of the lungs, these abnormal cells do not carry out the functions of normal lung cells,and don't develop into healthy lung tissue.
The #1 cause of lung cancer is smoking.
90%of lung cancer comes from smoking tobacco.
tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds and many of them are shown to cause cancer.
lung cancer surgery.
pain medication.
non-small lung cancer treatment overview.

can it be cured
what is lung cancer?
causes of lung cancer
the answer yes or no depends on the
situation and how severe it is or how long its been there.
Wedge resection and Legmentectomy: Removal of cancerous tissue from the lung.

Lobectomy-removal of an entire lobe from the lung.

Pneumonectomy: Removal of an entire lung

to prevent lung cancer
don't smoke stay away from smokers, and do not do tobacco.

Resources: www.lungcancer.org

by: Jace and Jarett!!
things to know
1. Lung cancer targets more than just smokers.
2. Know the warning signs
3. Some people are more at risk than others
4. New therapies show promise

what to do if diagnosed with it
choose a lung cancer treatment center
choose lung cancer doctors
ask your doctors questions to educate yourself as much as possible
get lung cancer treatment
you will take test after you are diagnosed with it

big lawsuit
A smoker with lung cancer filed a lawsuit to R.J. Reynolds tobacco company, saying that cigarettes advertised as low in tar and nicotine are a major fraud and are just as deadly as other cigarettes.

big lawsuit
The person sewing got 37.5
million dollars in Punitive
Damages and for cancer
surgery payment.
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