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Joey Paras

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of soccer

The Game Of Soccer

By: Clarissa Hoye and Joey Paras
Where It All Started
Started in China
2nd and 3rd centuries BC
Dribbled leather balls and kicked them into a small net
England came up with the rules for modern day soccer
Throw-in: Both feet on the ground and hands over your head
Corner kicks and goal kicks: Taken when the ball passes the goal line
Hand ball: intentionally hitting the ball with your hand
Offside: When an offensive player gets the ball and is in front of the second to last defender.
1. Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
2. Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
3. Jumps at an opponent
4. Charges an opponent
5. Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
6. Pushes an opponent
7. Tackles an opponent
8. Holds an opponent
9. Spits at an opponent
10. Handles the ball deliberately
US Men Team
Mens: Founded- 1913
2015 Stats- 2-2-1
Manager- Jürgen Klinsmann
Women: Founded- 1913
2015 Stats- 7-1-2
Manager- Jillian Ellis
FIFA World Cup
Founded- 1930
Number 0f teams- 32(finals)
209(eligible to enter)
Current Champion- Germany (4 titles)
Most Successful Team- Brazil (5 titles)
When- Every 4 years
Clint Dempsey
~American Soccer Player
~Plays for Seattle Sounders
~Captain of the US national team
~Dempsey was drafted by Major League Soccer club New England Revolution in 2004
Abby Wambach
American Soccer Player and Coach
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist
2012 FIFA World player of the year
Played for the US women's soccer team since 2001
US Women's Team
Shin guards
Soccer ball
Uniform (shorts and jersey)
You can lift your foot up off the ground as long as you put it back on the ground before you throw the ball.
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