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2013-14 Scholarship Workshop Presentation

The Who, What, When, Where, Why of the UH System Common Scholarship Application.

Sara Beth Andres

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of 2013-14 Scholarship Workshop Presentation

is the good fortune that comes from
– Evan Esar

What is it??
Why Should I Apply??
Steps to Apply

UH System Common Scholarship Application
Any little bit help$!
1. Be a UH student
7. Fill out the online application
UH System Common Scholarship Application
Who Can Apply??
Students attending
one of the 10 UH campuses
student who wants to be considered for UH System scholarships
When is the deadline to apply?
March 1, 2013 by 4pm HST
It doesn't hurt (we promise)
Where do I go to apply??
UH System Scholarships Website
Documents you'll need:
Apply for admissions at
...don't pay for it!
Your SSN and parent(s)' SSN (if applicable)
Driver's license #
Alien registration card (if applicable)
Federal tax information such as your W-2, parent(s)' W-2 (if applicable)
Records of any untaxed income
Information on savings, & checking accounts, investments, business & farm assets
3. Transcripts
Have your
high school or college transcripts sent to the UH System Scholarship Office
by March 1!
4. Letters of Recommendation
Request permission from at least
(2) people to write letters for you and get their email addresses
listing people to write letters for you
Deadline to submit is
March 9
5. Personal Statement
Your statement should include:
Prepare your personal statement in a Word document then copy & paste it when prompted
Why you think you deserve a scholarship
How these scholarships have helped and/or will help in your education
Your educational & career goals
Any accomplishments, including honors or awards
Current employment
Any extracurricular activities
Personal background
Any barriers to you obtaining your goals & how you plan to overcome them
6. Essays
Prepare your essays in a Word document then copy & paste it when prompted
do not

take the place of personal statements
Once you submit your application, you CANNOT make changes!
Make sure your application is complete and accurate
contact us at scholars@hawaii.edu
Priority deadline:
March 1
for UH Hilo, Manoa & West Oahu
April 1
for all UH Community Colleges
A piece of YOU
Stop thinking, start writing
Find editors (proofreaders)
Re-use your personal statements
The scholarship committee wants to know YOU!
A "snap shot" of yourself
Steps To Writing A Personal Statement
UHCC Study Abroad
Scholarship Website
Who can I ask to write a
Letter of Recommendation for me??
Teachers or Professors
Religious Leaders
Community Leaders
Organization Leaders
Contact us at:

great resource for all things regarding system scholarships!
Students attending UH Hilo, Manoa, or West Oahu can also contact the Financial Aid Office at their campus to apply for campus-specific scholarships
Incoming Freshmen Students:
Have your official high school transcript(s) sent
If you attended more than one high school, please request a transcript from each of the high schools.
Transfer Students:
Have your official college/university transcript(s) sent
If you attended more than one college/university, please request a transcript from each college/university.
Continuing UH Students (w/less than 12 credits at UH):
Please send your official
high school
transcript(s) if you have less than 12 credits completed at UH or any college/university
Please send your official
transcript(s) if you have at least 12 credits completed at another college/university but have less than 12 credits at UH
Continuing UH Students (w/at least 12 credits at UH):
If you have at least 12 credits at UH, you do
need to have any transcripts sent
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