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PhD Proposal Research

Induction Session - University of Leeds

Ricardo Fonseca

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of PhD Proposal Research

Thankza! Ricardo Fonseca From Ludic to Political
and Civic Engagement
in the World of Warcraft Real-time technologies are shaping new (forms of) political spaces. Technological Society Emergence of new forms of interactions:
Online Political Communities? Tyranny of real-time technologies:
Reflection – Reflex (Automata). MMORPG Uncompromising entertainment or Something Else?
Why MMORPGs demand to be treated seriously:
Economic: The size of videogame industry;
Social: Form of human-machine interaction;
Cultural: Dominant Popular Medium. MMORPG: 3D real-time Syntetic (Life)Worlds
Gamespaces: Transpolitcal space;
Potential to foster civic and political engagement; Distinctiveness and Original Contribution to Knowledge There is few empirical literature on political communities within video games; Examine new forms, manifestations, and meanings of political concepts that might emerge within MMOGs; Discuss the possibilities of the emergence of civic and political engagement within real-time auto-regulated systems. Anthropological Approach (Critic realism);
Critical (N)Ethnography
Critical "thick deciption“;

Ethnography into online community;
World of Warcraft: Relevant, Interactive/Active, Substantial, Heterogeneous &Data-rich.

Ethnographic Data Collection:
Research corpus: Archival data, Elicit data & Field notes data.

Ethnographic Analysis
Agonistic Pluralism (Chantal Mouffe);
Unveil key events;
Data are broken down into manageable sections or "basic descriptive units";
Coding: Patterns;
Defamiliarization process.

On Validity in Ethnographic Studies:
Prolonged engagement;
Persistent observation;
Dialogic validity: Truthfulness (member check), Self-reflexivity, and Polivocality;
Crystallization (Triangulation);
External auditor. ``` Research Design Research Questions
What sorts of political and civic actions are possible in WoW?

How do gamers politically negotiate their social praxis within WoW in order to bring forth a civic sense of space? How is it possible the emergence and
existence of
gamers' political and
civic engagement in
auto-regulated systems
such as WoW? Thank you
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