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What career uses the quadratic function?

No description

Asya Montgomery

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of What career uses the quadratic function?

Astronomy is the study of the universe, including the stars and other celestial things.

Astronomy dates back thousands of years, when people in ancient civilizations would watch the sky. Curiosity about day, night, the Sun, Moon, and stars eventually led to observations that the heavenly bodies move in a regular manner
Why do they use it?
Quadratic equations describe the orbits along which the planets move around the Sun, and is also a way to observe them more closely.
Space flight and navigation

What Equation(s)??
ax^2 + bx + c = 0 - very versatile
(a+bt)2+(c+dt)2=(e+ft)2 - length of solar eclipses
h+Vt-(1/2)gt^2 - Vertical motion under gravity

Astronomy's benefits
Aperture synthesis (CAT scanners and MRIs)
A gas chromatograph an instrument designed for a Mars mission is used to analyze luggage for explosives.
Reminds people that we are only a tiny piece of the universe- and that the Earth is a rare place.

What career uses the quadratic function?
Importance of Quadratic Functions
This project was meant to show appreciation, or at least some interest in quadratic functions, since they outline the universe, help people live, and are used in iphone cameras.
If you liked the need for quadratic equations then good luck to you.
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