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By Josh Haskell

Josh Haskell

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Wicca

Wicca Key Ideas All of nature is of the divine as the Goddess and God exist in everything. Belief in the Triple Goddes, the Wiccan Goddess, in her three forms: Maiden, representing innocence Mother, representing love Crone, representing Wisdom Belief in the Horned God who represents hunting, strength, and virility. Belief in reincarnation, either eternally or until the place of rest, the Summerlands, is reached. Belief in four or five elements of nature as represented by the pentagram: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Big Question Supporting Questions How do the practices and teachings of Wicca contribute to the discrimination against people of this religion? What are the fundamental religious beliefs of Wiccans? What practices are performed in Wicca and what meaning do they have to this religion? What acts of discrimination do Wiccans face? Because a Wiccan woman opposed the Christian dominance in her local government in Missouri, she faced many acts of discrimination from Christians such as being called an evil witch that will suffer eternal punishment to having store clerks close their registers to her. Comparison Wicca vs. Christianity Wiccans believe in reincarnation after death until the Summerlands is reached while Christians believe in judgment after death and heaven and hell, for most Christians. Wicca is is polytheistic mainly (but not always); Christianity is solely monotheistic. Women are generally accepted in leadership in Wicca while women have a lesser role in sects of Christianity such as Catholicism. Both religions have a trinity: the Triple Goddess in Wicca and the God Trinity in Christianity. After the pentacle was approved as a religious symbol to use on military veterans' headstones in 1999, clearly, G.W. Bush did not recognize Wicca as a religion. However, this in not uncommon across the world either. Having your religion not accepted as a religion is one of the harshest acts of religious discrimination. "I don't think witchcraft is a religion. I would hope the military officials would take a second look at the decision they made." G.W. Bush The Christian Bible is one of the main causes for Wiccan discrimination as some interpret the Bible's use of the term "witch" to mean Wiccan, and by the word of the Bible, Christians are instructed to kill witches. Exodus 22:18 "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." -King James Version Wiccans often are solitary, meaning they mostly do their spiritual rites alone; however, covens are formed between some Wiccans for rituals and other spiritual practices. A common spell is called "Casting of the Circle" which is meant for praying to the God and Goddess. Spells and rituals are a big part of Wicca as a way of communing with the God and Goddess. Most Wiccans worship the God and Goddess; however, there are as many forms of Wiccan belief as there are witches. In any case it's correct to say that Wiccans are a religious, spiritual people. We know that Wiccans' belief in the afterlife is reincarnation until the place of rest, the Summerlands, is reached. Also, Wiccans have a high respect for nature; and proof of this exists in their pentagram symbol representing the five elements of nature. Additionally, most Wiccans believe in the threefold law which applies to the use of their witchcraft. "All good that a person does to another returns three fold in this life; harm is also returned three fold."

The oldest trace of the discrimination of witches goes back to the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), which condemned Pagan practices picked up from Israelites. So one can assume the oldest link to the discrimination are the practices and beliefs of Pagans (witchs), including communing with the dead and so forth. However, the biggest source of Wiccan discrimination is NOT the practices of Wicca itself, but
Christianity and the word of the New Testament. Not only does Christianity condemn all other
religions, but it has a relentless focus on witches. The word "witch" is a poorly defined as it has
12 different meanings. Most Christians interpret the witches of Wicca as being the witches in the
Bible that use dark sorcery and evil magic. This is, in fact, untrue for Wiccans along with the assumption that witches are tied with Satanism. For the most part, the practices and beliefs of Wiccans are only a fraction of the reason for discrimination against these people. Wicca vs. Judaism Judaism is monotheistic while Wicca is mostly polytheistic. In Wicca there is no hierarchy of leadership except there may be a High Priestess at a coven; in Judaism, the Rabbi are revered leader figures. Wiccans' belief of the afterlife is reincarnation until the Summerlands are reached; Jews have different views of the afterlife from not existence to the belief in reincarnation. Wicca does not have a central foundation of laws; Judaism is strictly about following the laws of God. There exist 13 principles of Wiccan belief among Wiccans; however they are not laws, merely guidelines. This differs from the 13 articles of faith in Judaism which are laws of Judaism. Reason for choosing topic I chose this topic because I know it is a controversial religion, mainly among Christians; and I was interested as to where the controversy comes from. Also, I have an interest in some of the magic and rituals used in this religion, Wicca. What I learned From researching Wicca I have learned that it is not a cult like some people think, and it is not related to Satanism at all. It is an established religion of witchcraft and having a large respect to Nature. Sources www.wicca.com As the name suggests, this web site is the official website of wicca and provides much information of this religion. www.religionfacts.com This site has various facts about different religions and is therefore unbiased. www.religioustolerance.org Being a ".org" this site is somwhat trustworthy already; however, this site leaves no fact of a religion out, and was my biggest resource for information on Wicca. Prezi by Josh Haskell Sgt. Patrick Stewart
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