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Come Down Burning

No description

Gabriela Martinez

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Come Down Burning

Come Down Burning
Kia Corthron was born in Cumberland , Maryland
Lives in Harlem New York City.
Other Plays
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Come Down Burning

About The Author
Kia Corthron won many awards those which include: The Daryl Roth Creative Spirit Award, The Mark Taper Forum's Fadiman Award, The New Professional Theatre Playwriting Award, The Callaway Award, and she was Delaware Theatre Company's first Connections contest winner.
Synopsis&General Discussion
of the play

The play is about Skoolie who gets around on a cart. She takes care of her sister Tee kids. They live in a shack on top a hill. What happens during the play is her sister expecting another child. Tee is faced with a difficult decision of keeping the child. There is a problem that happens at one of childs school. One of children comes home with a bruise on her arm. Skoolie and Tee try to resolve the problem at school. The problem at the school ends up getting resolved by talking to the teacher. Later in the play Tee dies from trying to do her own abortion. The style of the play is drama. The idea of the play is Tee difficult decision of giving up her baby.

The play was written in the early 70s'

What was happening in America is Roe vs Wade. Roe wanted to legalize abortion. I think it had an effect in the play. I can understand why Tee was thinking about having one.
Who are the characters in the play ?
Skoolie, Tee, Bink, Evie, and Will-Joe.

What does each major character want ?
Skoolie - Well first Skoolie in the play is disabled and cant walk, and one of the major things i noticed is that she has a hard time getting around places and she really wants to walk again so her life can be a little bit easier.
Tee - The second character woould be Tee. She is Skoolie's younger sister and has three kids named Evie, Will-Joe, and baby Jazzman. In the play Tee basically want's to be independent but has a hard time doing so, because she is a single mother and is pregnant with one more on the way. So things really don't work out for her.
Bink - Third, is the character Bink, she Skoolie's childhood friend and really has a third person point of view of Skoolie and her family. Like she stops by to visits and hangs out. But what I think she really wants to do is try to help out Skoolie and Tee with there finical burdens.
Evie - The character Evie in the plays is Tee's daughter and she gets miss treated by her school Teacher Mrs. Shay because she is a colored student in an all white school. So Evie basically just wants to be treated right by her teacher.
Will-Joe: Lastly is Will-Joe, He is the youngest character in the play and doesn't have a huge role until the very end when he is talking to his mother Tee and is telling her that he doesnt want to move away from his aunt Skoolie's house.

Gaby, Carlene,Larry,David , & Benjamin



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