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Tempo Markings

Music Project with Mitchell Ose

Holden Thompson

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Tempo Markings

Tempo Markings By: Mitchell Ose and Holden Thompson Largo Largo means the tempo is slow. Some examples of Largo songs include...
Love songs
A lullaby
Relaxing/Calm song The following song is In My Life by the Beatles Moderato Moderato is a medium tempo song. The following is Come Together by the Beatles. Allegro Allegro is fast-paced music. Our example of an Allegro song is The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Presto Presto is very fast music. Like a dubstep song. Our example of a Presto song is Bangarang by Skrillex Prestissimo Prestissimo is an extremely fast song. Our example of a prestissimo song is Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon Force Tempo Dynamic Pianissimo Pianissmo is a very soft song. They are harder to hear. The following song is Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 14 "Moonlight" Sonata (First Movement). Piano Piano means soft music, not the instrument. Our example of piano music is elevator music. Mezzo Piano Mezzo Piano is medium-soft music. The following is an example of mezzo piano is Carry On by Fun. Mezzo Forte Mezzo forte is a song that is medium loud. The following mezzo forte song is Burn It Down by Linkin Park. Forte Forte is a song that is loud. An example of a Forte song is Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites by Skrillex Fortissimo Fortissimo is a very loud song. Our example of a Fortissimo song is Hey Hey Hey heavy metal music. Etc. Crescendo Crescendo is a song that gets louder. Our example of a crescendo song is Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye. Decrescendo or Diminuendo This means that a song that gets softer. Our example of this kind of song is Thriller by Michael Jackson An example of a Presto song is Bangarang by Skrillex. (It gets softer after the beginning) Thanks for watching!! :)
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