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Zach's Lie: By Omar Mansy

No description

Chicken Nugget

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Zach's Lie: By Omar Mansy

Setting Elko Zach meets Catalin
Zach goes to the mountains with Catalin
Peter becomes jealous
Peter steals Zach's Journal
Peter tells Alonzo where Zach and his family are More Rising Action Zach's Lie
By Roland Smith Zach, Catalin, Peter, Alonzo, and Sam Major Characters Minor Characters Wanda, Zach's Mom, Zach's Dad Rising Action Alonzo breaks into the Osborne's house
Zach's dad gets caught smuggling drugs
Zach's dad gets arrested
Zach's family goes into the witness protection program and has to relocate
Zach gives Peter a black eye Conflict Peter stole Zach's journal and is threatening to tell Zach's real identity If you don't stop hanging out with Catalin I will tell everyone your true identity *Jack* Climax Alonzo has Zach and wants his dad's journal and Sam sets a trap and captures Alonzo. Falling Action Zach becomes free from Alonzo
Alonzo gets arrested
Zach's dad gets out of jail
Zach his dad and his family relocates Zach and his whole family get new identities and relocate. Resolution Author's Theme Family always stays but friends come and go.
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