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Instruments in the 1950's

No description

Chelsea Evans

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Instruments in the 1950's

In the 70's, a few genres that were introduced were glam rock, punk, disco, and hard rock. These brought on synthesizers, harmonicas, and bongos.

ex.) Please watch Savannah be a wiz on the guitar (Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd)
In the 1980's the same instruments were primarily used, and the saxophone made a comeback. The sax often succumbed to the worst impulses of the 80s music. Synthesizers were widely used in the 1980s.

ex.) Miranda (who's not in this group) is going to play the sax now. (Careless Whisper by George Michael)
In the sixties you see mainly the same instruments, except in addition to those, surf rock was introduced. It was dominated by electric guitars, pianos, and ukuleles.
ex.) Look at Savannah play another thing. (Happy Together by The Turtles)
Initially in the 50's the saxophone and the piano were the leading instruments used. In the late 50's, the instruments transitioned into guitar, bass, and drums.

ex.) Look at Chelsea play a thing! (Twelve bar blues)
By: Chelsea Evans, Savannah Burkett, and not Miranda Gregoire
Works Cited
Modern Day
lol instruments
In the 90's everyone started doing their own thing. Boy bands became quite prominent, and I guess you could say their wicked awesome dance moves could constitute as their instruments. But actually, everyone played the same instruments, just differently; bringing a new sound to life.

ex.) Chelsea's gonna play Sublime now. (What I got)

Modern day music has seen a comeback with the saxophone, trumpets, and definitely the synthesizer auto-tune computer junk. Dance has also gotten a little....raunchy.

ex.) Miranda's going to enlighten our ears now with some delightful saxophone playing. (However she's still not in our group.) (Talk Dirty to me, Jason Derulo)
ourbrains. whut
i wanna hold ur hand
very bowl cut
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