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The Unrecognizable Road to the Holocaust

An in-depth analysis of the reasons for Jewish persecution in Germany leading to the Holocaust. Evaluates the causes and long-term effects of the Holocaust. Adapted from a presentation by Dr. Karl Schleumes of UNC-Greensboro.

David James

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of The Unrecognizable Road to the Holocaust

Why the Jews? Why Germany? Why Hitler? Why the Holocaust?
The Unrecognizable Road to the Holocaust
This Prezi is an in-depth analysis of the road to the Holocaust - one of the most well-known and researched genocides in world history.
We will discuss why the Jewish population was targeted. Why this atrocity was specifically centered in Germany? Why was it Adolf Hitler whom was the main perpetrator of these atrocities? Finally, what were the main causes of the Holocaust and what were the last days like during this horrific time period.
World War I:
Why Germany??
Stage 1:
Why the Holocaust??
Through the ideas of

, led to the rise of dictator Adolf Hitler. Along with Hitler, came his beliefs of an Aryan, or superior, race. Before long, specific groups of people were persecuted by the Nazi government. This led to the death of over
11 million
Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, individuals with physical disabilities, that the Nazi government believed to be inferior to them.
Adapted from the lecture of Dr. Karl Schleunes Professor of German Studies - UNC-Greensboro
Why the Jews??
The Jewish population has been a target for persecution for thousands of years. According to Biblical history, the Jews were mainly responsible for the death of Jesus Christ and as history progressed they were the
for many negative world events such as the Bubonic Plague.
As the years went on, the Jewish population continued to be persecuted for their religious beliefs.
Why the Jews??
Beginning in the 1200s, Jews were made to wear clothing and the
Star of David
to identify themselves.
In 1492,
King Ferdinand and Queen
Isabella ordered the 1st edict of expulsion of the Jewish population out of Spain.
In the 15th century, Protestant Reformation leader
Martin Luther
asked the European Jewish population to convert to Christianity. When they denied, he began ridiculing the Jewish population and wrote a book in his later years titled, 'The Jews and Their Lies' (1543).
The German nation flourished before WWI for many reasons:
The German people enjoyed a
great education system
with one of the highest literacy rates in the world.
German culture, art, and businesses thrived in popularity.
The German
military was one of the largest and most powerful in the world.
The Jewish population finally began to assimilate (blend) into German society.
Why Germany??
World War I:
The German nation was devastated after their defeat in WWI.
In 1919, the German government was made to sign the
Treaty of Versailles
which included:
Germany sign the 'War-Guilt Clause'.
Germany pay war reparations.
Also, Germany suffered from a terrible economic downturn that made their currency virtually worthless.
Why Germany??
So...with the devastating loss of World War I and the proud citizens of Germany needing a legitimate reason for all the negatives in their country, they turned to a familiar source...
The Jews.
Why Adolf Hitler??
Adolf Hitler served in the German military in World War I and grew to be a devout German
Hitler believed in
'Natural Selection'
and the theory of
'Survival of the Fittest'
. These ideas would lead Hitler to a life of prejudice and racism.
After the
'Great War'
, Hitler rose to power and became chancellor of Germany. His charismatic speeches and ability to play to the German people's emotions proved to be critical to his
of the German people.
Jewish soldiers serving in the German military during WWI.
Beginning in 1933,
began popping up across eastern Europe.
Nuremberg Laws
(1935), put restrictions on the Jewish population in Germany.
Immigration for eastern European Jews became increasingly difficult.
Why the Holocaust??
Stage 2:

of the German public school system including Hitler Youth Rallies and the firing of Jewish teachers.
Concentration camps
created across Europe.
Death camps
created in Poland.
Why the Holocaust??
Stage 3:
The End of World War II
On May 8, 1945, the Axis forces in Europe surrendered to the Allies forces. This day is known as
V-E Day.
The 'Final Solution':

Hitler and his 2nd in command, Heinrich Himmler's plan for the total destruction of the Jewish race.
6 million
of the Jewish population in eastern Europe were

in a 6 year span.
Adolf Hitler died by
suicide gunshot
on April 30, 1945 in a hidden bunker with his wife Eva Braun.
Allied forces began the liberation of concentration camps across Eastern Europe.
Brain Pop - Holocaust
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