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CWE Center Self-Paced Learning Lunch & Learn

The CWE Center has many self-paced learning resources available to employees, all for free! Learn new skills or increase old ones; take skills assessments for proof on your competency level; check out both hard-copy and e-books.

Chris Woods

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of CWE Center Self-Paced Learning Lunch & Learn

CWE Center Photo: Chris Woods Nicole D'Onofrio - Manager Kelli Byrd - Program and Outreach Coordinator Chris Woods - Administrative Assistant Maighie Fitzgerald - Senior Trainer Alison Lord - Performance Improvement Specialist Matt Morscheck - Career Development Specialist Lending Library LibraryThing.com OHSU BICC Instant access to e-Books (over 16,000!) Interlibrary loan View holdings See what's checked out Read reviews Search by tag, keyword, title, author, etc. Staff Computer Lab Soft Skills Conflict Management Communication Customer Service Skills More! Computer Basics Internet Explorer Career Development Videos Access to all genres; not just science Workplace Coaching Process Improvement Leadership Media Center Wireless Headphones Computer w/ Wireless Keyboard 32" Flatscreen Watch videos as a Group! VGA, HDMI, or USB DVD Player This is a huge mountain of resources CWE Center Offerings Self-Paced
Resources Employee Career
Services Workplace Performance
Improvement Professional
Reimbursement Program Conflict
Management We're Here For You! Books 24/7 ...but it's just the tip of the iceberg! Microsoft Office Suite Adobe Products Typing More! Excel SharePoint Word Outlook etc English CWE Center Accessible Anywhere Microsoft Office Suite Adobe software Applications Social Media Tools workplace Performance Improvement 94+ Hours of Workplace Performance Improvement Lean Training Mary Lind - Leadership Development Specialist tanic Uh-oh... Employee
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