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The Genre of Mythology


on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Mythology

Mythology - An Introduction
Mythological Stories
Locations and Setting
Variety of historical places
Character Stereotypes
Writing Styles
Sometimes a told to explain how something came to be
Based on the question: WHAT IF?
In past tense
Made to entertain
By Melissa, Pouloumi and Soumiya
NOT Fantasy
Shares some elements with historical fiction, fantasy and adventure
Include Cultural (Traditional Stories) &
Fictional (More Contemporary Stories)
Costumes/Special Effects
Music/Sound Effects
Dramatic music
Calming or rejoicing music
Sad, mournful music
Sound effects include the sounds of explosions, bombs, lightning, etc.
Lighting Styles
In Conclusion...

Mythology is a widely ranged genre
that mainly features the supernatural in
cultured contexts. Mythopoeia explains the existence of the world and provides stories about how things were created.
Historical clothing
Supernatural powers
Bright: Peace and Victory
Dark: Danger, drama, war, death
God Symbols (Weaponry/Animals)
Mythical creatures
Personified Animals/Non-Living Objects
Transport (usually a warship)
Arachne and Athena's Weaving Contest
Jason and the Argonauts
The Minotaur
Common Symbols & Icons
Villain(s)/Sub-villains/Villain Sidekicks

Hero and/or Heroine
Sidekicks/Support Characters
Love Interest
Typically a damsel
in distress. In this
animated film, she's
Supernatural/Godly Beings
Innocent/Adoring Crowd
Not the horse. Not the hero. The crowd.

Philoctetes (AKA: Phil)
Who are you calling 'sidekicks'?

Myths about Myths
1) The Good Guy always has a happy ending
Nope. Sometimes, the Good Guy kills everyone
he/she loves
2) The Bad Guys always get killed
Nope. Some are immortal, and therefore cannot
be killed

Cos we could be IMMORTALS!!!
'Tis the sad fate of those
destined to die
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