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Scientific Inquiry and Skills

Living Environment Topic 8

Robert Arrendell

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of Scientific Inquiry and Skills

Scientific Inquiry and Skills
Observations and Inferences
Observation: What is sensed or measured.
Inference: A conclusion based on observation or evidence.
Assumptions and Opinions
Assumption: the belief that something is true
Opinion: Ideas that people have that may not have any basis or fact.
Q- Why should we leave opinions out of data collection and analysis?
What is your assumption and opinion of what will happen in these videos?
A good hypothesis attempts to explain what has been observed in a way that can be tested.
Let's test a hypothesis!!
It is hypothesized that 4 saltine crackers cannot be consumed entirely in one minute or less......check it out!
The End!!!
Observing & Inferring
Collecting & Organizing Data
Finding Evidence & Drawing New Conclusions
Repeating the Experiment Several Times
Peer Review
Scientific Inquiry Involves:
A good experiment keeps assumptions to a minimum!!!
Opinions may be influenced by our assumptions and can lead to biases.
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