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Company Presentation

No description

Jonathan Edgeley

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Company Presentation

IT Knowledge
Industry Professionals

Google Adwords

Google Analytics of your website (if website is compatible)

Email Marketing

Video Marketing and Animation

Who we are...
Founded in 2009

Award winning provider of intelligent multi channel (inbound and outbound) customer contact services

50 staff

Based in Sheffield

Financial backing

Blue chip clientbase

Identify key influencers in your target audience and reach out to them

Connect with your target customer in an informal way

Raise your visibility

Build audience and community

Build mind-space with your target audience before you reach out with a call or email

Promote your business’ special offers or products

Improve the reputation of your business

Enhance your website’s SEO
Social Marketing
Service Desk (first line troubleshooting customer service)

Brochure request

Order taking / subscription renewals

Booking lines

Call pre-screening

Web chat response

Email response and follow up

Social Media reputation management
Lead generation

Qualified appointment setting

Database enrichment and cleansing

Subscription renewals

Market research

Client retention
What we do...

Deliver well crafted multi-channel customer contact solutions that help businesses grow

The Process
Heritage, culture, ethos


Understand your services

Become knowledgeable about your clients

Why companies buy from you

What make your business special

Align ourselves with your business strategy
Your Business
Design a go to
Market Strategy
Positioning of key services

Create and evaluate target businesses (data acquisition)

Define appropriate decision makers

Create E-Shot

Develop social strategy

Create introduction script and qualification questions
Knowledge Transfer
and set up
Train appropriate staff

Rely to provide access to email / calendar

Purchase data (if required)

Create Fluent CRM

Set up client portal
Your dedicated sales consultant will:

• Provide outbound calling into target market

• Follow up E-Shot (opens and clicks)

• Engage with new social connections

• Generate qualified leads and appointments

• Send information requests by email

• Send calendar appointment confirmation

Call recording analysis

Data analysis

Appointment conversion ratios

Decision maker conversations

Report via Online portal

Delivering well crafted multi-channel customer contact solutions that help businesses grow

Help large complex organisations get
digital products to market quickly, and effectively.


Elastic Search

Same Day Website

Two Day Events
Intelligent customer contact
Our Partners and Accreditation
Social Marketing
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