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No description

abby freo

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Respiration

Cellular Respiration Photosynthesis Remix Fluid where dark
rxn occurs chloroplast are located and
where light rxn occurs. Reactants Products H O + CO ---> C H O + O 2 2 6 12 6 2 Light rxn Dark Rxn Remember Mr. Gummy Bear... 1 glucose --> 3800 calories
of energy Energy given off little at a time.... 3800 cal 2000 cal 1200 cal or heat heat RESPIRATION OCCURS IN Multiple STEPS: Step 1: Glycolosis
(cytoplasm) Step 2: Cellular
(mitochondria) glucose Plant Cell
(after photosynthesis is completed, respiration can occur) Animal Cell
( must eat to get the
glucose for respiration) Glucose Anaerobic Respiration
No Oxygen
Little energy produced Glucose Pyruvic
Acid Alcohol Lactic Acid
Ferm. Ferm Aerobic Respiration
Oxygen required
Large amt of ATP (energy) made Glucose Pyruvic
acid O 2 CO
ATP 2 2 Photosynthesis VS. Respiration Warm Up 1. Amy wants to make cookies for her classmates. The recipe she wants to use only makes a dozen but she is in need of two dozen. Remembering that the ingredients (reactants) make the cookies (products) what does she need to do to the ingredients to make two dozen.

Light+ 6 H O + 6 CO --> 1 glucose + 6 O
2. Using the concept above but now applying it to the photosynthesis equation,
a. If a plant needs to make 2 glucose molecules for energy, how many water molecules are needed?
b. If the plant experiences a dry season and water is limited, what do you expect tohappen to the amout of O2 produced? Increase or decrease and why? 2 2 2 Agenda for Feb. 22, 2013
Warm Up (5min)
Respiration notes (35 min)
Grape Fermentation Demo (5min)
Go over Liver Enzyme Lab (5min) ***Study these 3 things for the test MONDAY! Enzyme notes Photosynthesis notes Respiration notes Review due
monday!!! PICK UP TWO PAGES OF NOTES ON BLACK COUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! water oxygen CO2 Light Rxn DarkRxn
(Thylakoid) (Stroma) Glucose CO2 + H2O --> O2 + glucose light O2 + glucose --> CO2 + H2O + 36 ATP PHOTOSYNTHESIS Cellular
Activity = ATP--> ADP + P + Energy Cellular
Respiration: ADP + P + Energy --> ATP TEST TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clear your desk completely...phones in the center! Aerobic with O2 Grape Fermentation Lab = Alcohol Fermentation Anaerobic without O2 net= 2 ATP :( net = 36 ATP :)
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