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Thank You Ma'm

No description

kenya reyes

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Thank You Ma'm

"Thank You Ma'am"
by Langston Hughes
Kenya Reyes and Timeisha Hollins

The archetype is defined as a hero because, she caught a guy that stole her purse and captured him later on she brings him to her house to help him and tells him to wash his face because he was dirty. She helped him even though he stole her purse probably because she knew he was poor and she made him food because he was poor.
Mrs.Jones also gave him money so he could get expensive shoes that he wanted but also learned a valuable lesson not to steal from anybody again.
When Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones was walking home on a dark night, she found herself in deep trouble. This strange young man attempted to steal her purse he ran off trying to run his fastest but eventually the old woman caught him. When she captured him she had some things to teach him about going around stealing.
A hero is any male or female who leaves the world of his or her everyday life to undergo a journey. A special world where challenges and fears are overcome in order to secure a quest. This character is the one who may fulfill a necessary task and who will restore fertility, harmony, and/or justice to a community.
other half of plot
The young man carried by his ear was dragged to Mrs.Jones house so she could teach him right from wrong. The young man proceeded to ask "You gonna take me to jail" (Page 2), but the old woman said she would not take him to jail with a dirty face. Mrs. Jones later on taught the boy how not to steal and be responsible for himself, and when he left he had a new head on his shoulders.
The "Thank you ma'am" teaches us that stealing is not okay and sooner or later you will get in trouble. It also teaches us that there are people still out there that will help you even when you did something that you had no business doing. It also takes a very skillful person to help/teach you change your ways.
Direct Characterization
Universal Conflict of man vs man
The conflict of man versus man can be seen when one person is having a struggle with another person. The young boy, Rodger had no money no where to go and nothing better to do then steal. So he found this old lady walking home at about eleven o' clock by herself with a bag "When a boy ran up behind her, and tried to snatch her purse. The strap broke with a single tug..."
Imbedded Video Clip
symbol of nature
In "Thank you ma'am" we see nature's importance in the story. Stars is an important because it shows guidance or guiding. Also the old woman guided the young man into a better path than stealing from people, and doing things by your self and having a lot of responsibility.
Casel's Five Competencies
Relationship skills, resolving conflicts, and working cooperatively, and communication all these work for the short story because they relate to the lady, and all she was doing was trying to help the boy. She was communicating with him, working cooperatively, and trying to resolve the conflict they had. But sooner down the story that all eventually worked, and Rodger knows right from wrong, and knows not to steal again from anybody.
Rodger ,the thief, was poor he had no family and no money he also had no parents, and no where to eat "There's nobody home at my house." (page 2) Rodger was standing by a wall waiting for a suspect for him to get away with there money. When Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones walked by that was his perfect opportunity.
Thank you ma'am
The End
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