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Ways to Proving that Rizal Did Not Retract

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Nash Nacion

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Ways to Proving that Rizal Did Not Retract

Ways to Proving that Rizal Did Not Retract

Fernandez said:
" I have documents stating that before he faced death, Rizal told his sister Narcisa to look inside his shoes because he had left a letter. According to Fernandez, that letter could only be a denial of his retraction because Rizal knew the friars were misleading the Filipinos and he wanted to set the record straight".
Manuel Morato's "Expose"
- A friend of Baron Fernandez, subsequently bought from Fernande the Intellectual Property right to the vauable manuscripts.

Morato said in his "expose" that the friars forged the retraction letter and published in the Clerico- Fascist newspapers at that time. Morato confirmed "No, Rizal never retracted although that fake retraction was published by friars then and is still sadly peddled in most school, but that is not true."

Both Morato and Fernandez have documents to prove that when Rizal was in Dapitan, he was allowed to go to Cebu with Josephine Bracken and Archbishop of Cebu, at that time, tried to dangle marriage and coaxed him to to retract
No masses were said for his soul or funeral held by Catholics
The entry in the book of burials of the interment of Rizal's body is not made on the page with those burials.
Not with standing the claim that Rizal was reconciled with the church, he was not buried in a Catholic cemetery in Paco but in a ground
What is Retraction?
Baron Fernandez
- A Spanish orphan who worked for almost half century in two historical secret archives in Madrid and Segovia, had an eyewitness account of the retraction which he discovered in those repertories of Spain's dirty secrets. He found 34 documents including handwritten letters, telegrams, and military documents including a thick sheaf of Rizal's defense. He had written himself days before he was murdered at Bagumbayan.
A statement saying that
something you said or wrote
at an earlier time is not true
or correct.
Who is the Two Witnesses?
Baron Fernandez
and Manuel Morato
If Rizal retracted, he would not have been executed. But he was executed; therefore Rizal did not retract. He would have been an example for the cause of the friars; he would have been given a decent Christian burial, not buried like a dead dog outside Paco Cemetery.
Mr. Palm's coetaneous acts which
undermine the belief that Rizal retracted:

1. The Documents of retracction were kept secret, only copies of it were furnished to the newspapers, but, with the exception of one person, nobody saw the original.

2. When the family of Rizal asked for the original of the said document or a copy of the alleged retraction letter, the petition was denied.

3. Rizal's burial was kept secret.
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