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la bamba

No description

Lucia Imbachi Rodriguez

on 6 March 2011

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Transcript of la bamba

LA BAMBA Manuel was walking to school He was thinking about tomorrow's talent show He was suppose to sing "La bamba" When he got to school: He realized that he had forgotten his math workbook He would have to stay after school and miss talent show practice But fotunately,they did drills that morning During lunch: Manuel hung around with Benny During rehearsal: Mr.Roybal muttered under his breath
when the lever that controlled the
speed on the record jammed. The lever didn't broke At night: Manuel do the dishes He did a lot of homework He could only practice in the shower The next morning: His parents beamed at him They were proud that Manuel
was going to be in the talent show
Backstage: Manuel can feel the conmotion He was so nervous Manuel went to stage:
The record stuck He did a fancy step The people like the
presentation At home that night: His father ask Jake how he stick the record in the words "para bailar la bamba" He was feeling happy Next year, when they ask for volunteers for the talent show,he wouldn't raise his hand.Probably.
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