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My Lai Massacre

No description

Andrew Glover

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of My Lai Massacre

Divide into Groups
By Paul Conrad
"The My Lai ditch claims another victim"
Political Cartoon
Student Activity:

1. Look Deeply: Look at the picture for a good long time. Observe shapes, colors, textures, the position of people and/or objects, etc.

2. Write down below what you see without making any interpretation about what the picture is trying to say.

3. Given the historical context and subject of the piece, what do you think the cartoonist is trying to say (what does the piece mean?), and who do you think is the intended audience?

"I think the artist is saying..."
" I think the intended audience is..."
March 16th, 1968
Vol XCIII, No. 311
US Involvement in Vietnam
Something Is Happening Here
Soldiers are battle fatigued
Deaths of close friends
Fighting an invisible enemy

Charlie Company
Enters Pinkville (March of 1968)
Was expected to meet heavy enemies
Ordered to search and destroy

Rounded up and killed
Villages Burned
507 Killed

Public Opinion
Time of war calls for extreme measures- Some support actions
US is committing War Crimes
Class discussion
My Lai Massacre
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