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Problem + Solution = Strategy

Let MBT guide you through the best way to make your business profit from our simple formula

Medicine Bow Technologies

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Problem + Solution = Strategy

Cost-effective. Building a strategy requires finding a solution to a problem. Let’s test the typical IT Strategy Collaborating with MBT guarantees a dependable long-term IT strategy. ProActive Dependable Cost-effective Starting to sound familiar? The simple formula for profit in a complex market... Problem + Solution = Strategy Problem Solution Strategy User needs have outgrown your company’s existing infrastructure. Build or rebuild a new IT system with excess capacity to meet future needs. Build a new IT system and hire a manager as a 5+ year investment. 3 2 1 The typical IT strategy story:

For a few years your company’s IT system performs better than needed. But soon hardware begins failing and user needs increase. Support contracts end and management has found other lucrative ways to invest the money for upgrades. Band-aid solutions are used to increase performance, the system grows more complicated, and the new IT manager does not know what the last one did with the volume licenses. When companies buy excess IT capacity to meet future needs, they guarantee significant loss on their initial investment due to unused system potential. Lost Investment Users and management must endure IT misery for an indefinite time until another investment is made into the IT Black Hole. Weakened Position Improvement to IT does not necessarily equate to better business. A happier ending with Medicine Bow Technologies (MBT):

We help you develop your IT strategy to accommodate present and future needs with solutions like e-mail archiving, disaster recovery, backups, and security. You decide to run most of this on Medicine Bow Technologies' secure cloud, which means you don’t see downtime, don’t worry about upgrades, and we turn up a dial every time you need more resources. Your company eventually forgets what it’s like to have IT disruption and instead uses advanced IT services to focus on being competitive. That’s what you really wanted, right? After all... Controlled Investment You gain more control over capital expenditure as you pay for performance and eliminate over investment. With MBT’s Proactive IT and industry accepted solutions, user needs never outpace IT system performance. Secure Strategy Our IT staff provides you breadth of IT talent, our standard solutions provide you flexibility, and we’re accountable for the performance. Strengthened Position Are you building the Best IT Strategy for your company? IT solutions should be designed to improve your business position. problem + solution = strategy Unanticipated user needs surpass the IT system’s maximum ability and your company’s IT strategy becomes compromised. Strategy Failure User Needs IT System User Needs IT System Years Performance Performance Years
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