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Samantha Bach

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Kyrgyzstan

Names & Places
Kyrgyzstan is located in the
continent of Asia. Its capital is Bishkek. The major cities of Kyrgyzstan are: Bishkek, Jalal-Abad, Osh, and Karakol.
Climate & Geography
The mountains are cold and dry, the Southwest is subtropical, and the Northern foothill zone is temperate. Kyrgyzstan is bordered by China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. It is a landlocked country made up of the Tien Shan Mountains and is 94% sea level. There are many tall peaks, valleys, glaciers, and high altitude lakes in Kyrgyzstan.
The economy of Kyrgyzstan is poor and the country is currently in stage two of the Demographic Transition Model, but is getting to stage three. Major Exports are: oil, gas, machinery, chemicals, and foodstuffs. Major imports are: gold, cotton, wool, garments, tobacco, mercury, uranium, and shoes.
By: Samantha Bach
The People
There are 5,664,939 people in Kyrgyzstan. Of those people, 50.98% are women and 49.02% are men. The TFR (total fertility rate) is 2.66 children born/women. The ages are:
0-14: 29.92%
15-24: 19.18%
25-54: 39.55%
55-64: 7.34%
65+: 5.01%
Kyrgyzstan has several religions. The Muslim religion being their most practice, at 75% of the people practicing it. The second most practiced religion is Russian Orthodox, with 20% of the population. There are Other religions practiced, but only 5% of the population practices them.
Ethnicity & Language
Kyrgyzstan is a mix of many different ethnicities. Kyrgyz (70.9%), Uzbek (14.3%), Russian (7.7%), Dungan (1.1%) and Other (5.9%)The population of Kyrgyzstan mostly speaks Kyrgyz (71.4%), Uzbek (14.4%), Russian (9%), or Other (5.2%).
Immigration Issues
Kyrgyzstan is not very well liked by people. Instead of having issues of people trying to get in, people leave. There are -5.22 migrants/1,000 people.
Everyone's favorite subject. In Kyrgyzstan, people love their tea, specifically Chai tea. Appetizers consist of different types of bread like: Boorsuk, Katama, Lapeshkis,with Kaimuk (a type of sour cream). The Kyrgyz cook even in leisure.
Beshbarnak: consists of horse or sheep meat that has been boiled in its own broth and fat. This broth is then served over noodles and eaten with the hands.
Shashlik: a skewer of mutton with a high fat ratio accompanied by sliced onion, and cucumber slices.
Manty: dumplings, usually smaller than the size of your palm, filled with a mixture of meat (usually lamb), onions, potato and fat.
Laghman: handmade noodles topped with a spicey, salty soup that contains meat, peppers, onions, carrots and herbs.
Paloo: a rice-based dish with bits of fried meat, carrots, garlic and onion that is then sprinkled with herbs or hot chili peppers.
Current Events
October 2011- Almazbek Atambeyer was elected president of Kyrgyzstan.
July 26, 2014- Former Kyrgyzstan president Kurmanbek Bakiyev was convicted and sentenced for breaking up an opposition rally that ended with 77 dead.
July 16, 2015- 4 militants died in a shootout in the capital, believed to have been started by an Islamic Group.
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