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How Leaders Create And Use Network

Group 10 - Advanced Service Marketing - CBS Spring 2014

Alexander Pedersen

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of How Leaders Create And Use Network

Leveraging your network
Mind your mind-set

Reallocate your time

Establish connections

Give and take continually

Meet Henrik Balmer
The Idea in Practice
So how does it work..?
"Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally."
Networking - how does it work?
The Idea in Practice
Leveraging your Networks
Meet Henrik Balmer
Operational Network
Personal Network
Strategic Network
Conclusion & Personal Anecdote
How Leaders Create And Use Network
Operational Network
Identify individuals who can block or support a project

Contacts are internal and oriented towards current demands

Depth: Building strong WORKING relationships
Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter (2007)
Group 10

Alexander Avanth

The Operational Network
Get the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.

"We are all on the same ship"

The Personal Network
The Strategic Network
The sky is the limit - sure - but who is going to help you holding the latter?

Creating inside-outside connections
30 Managers

Work like there is no tomorrow, towards company goals!

The Leadership Transition

Personal Network
Join the "club"

Mostly external contacts

Six degrees of separation principle
- Karinthy (1929)

Hard to define relevance of peers in the network
Strategic Network
So whats more to it..?
Just do it...

Word of the day: RAPPORT!

Networking happens now!

What network do you belong to?

"Quid pro Quo"
Future priorities and challenges

This should not (always) be a personal venture
PwC Genesis Park

The Key: marshal information, support and resources from one sector to another
An enhancement towards personal
and professional development

Good for Referrals!
Thank you!

Advanced Service Marketing
BSc. SeM CBS Spring 2014
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