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No description

Jaci Howard

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Graffiti

Look at the colorful painting. It has a meaning unknown. What does it mean? It's a dangerous thought to paint something here. It's a mystery. who painted it? Graffiti has a special art to it, ful, of meaning and mystery. There is negative graffiti, but then there is graffiti that's art. I'm all for art graffiti.
Graffiti is meaningful art, and lot's of people admire art. There are tons of beautiful graffiti murals and paintings in some towns. Imagine you're admiring a painting. Does it speak to you? What does it mean to the artist that people can relate to his work? some graffiti is just gang tags, but others are murals made
With graffiti, you can express yourself. "brush, brush", it's the sound of the paintbrush being swept across the wall. You could paint something and give your secrets to the world and they would be known as amazing! let's say that there is a very meaningful painting that's sad and blue. some people admire it for the meaning in which they can understand. Others admire it simply for the beauty! as stated on the youthvoices.net, "we came to decision that graffiti is something that expresses people's emotions or messages that they want to show in public."
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