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Literature;The Taximan Story.

No description

Pin Sheng Ng

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Literature;The Taximan Story.

Literature project : The Taximan's story.
By: HongJian, PinSheng, Jocelyn & Rissa.

1. Main Characters
2. Personalities
3. Theme
4. Storyline
5. Irony
Main Characters:
2. Taximan's daughter ( LayChoo)
3. Madam, (taximan's customer)
1. Taximan ; Chatty, dotes on his daughter(LayChoo), overprotective after the incident, helpful & observant.
2. LayChoo ; hypocrite, materialistic, smart & filial. Unexpectedly a social escort which lack moral values.
The whole story is a dialogue by the taximan,he is telling the customer about his family life and how he earn money by driving tourists and social escort.He then tell his customer about how her daughter(Lay Choo) became one and how ashamed he is.He saw her daughter became bold and hanging out with American boys,he beat her and lock her home,he then advised her customer to be aware of her daughter's whereabouts.At the end of the story he say he is going back to the hotel to pick up the girls and boys again.
Theme :
Storyline :
Irony of the story :
The irony of the story is that the taximan criticizes youngster nowadays for being immature by being a social escort and wondering around places like Elroy hotel. But he still goes to these places to earn a living which means he approves other people to become a social escort but he does not approve his daughter to be one.
1. differences of the past and present. About the difference in conduct with children from the past and now.
2. The trust the father gave to his daughter(LayChoo) but the daughter betrayed his trust by being a social escort rather than a concentrating on studies.
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