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Brazilian Revolution

No description

Daleen Al-Barqawi

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Brazilian Revolution

Brazilian Revolution Cause of Revolution Gaining Independence Significance Of Movement Significance of Gaining Independence Thesis Statement Brazil Vs. America & France The cause of the Brazilian Revolution was that Portuguese colonized Brazil.
Brazil wanted to gain freedom from Portuguese.
This is significant because Portugal colonized Brazil during exploration which was in the 1500s and Brazil didn't gain independence until 1822. In 1807, Napoleon took over Portugal.
When they took over, Prince John and and the royal family escaped. They went to Brazil, which was also Brazil's largest colony.
For 14 years, the Portuguese ran their empire from Brazil. Brazil gained independence from Portugal in a bloodless revolt in 1822. People signed petitions for Dom Pedro to rule. The significance about this movement is unlike other movements, it was done without any violence. Instead, it was done by having people sign petitions.
Brazil was also the only colonial American monarchy to come into power. The American and French Revolutions were done with conflict and the leaders did not want to give up their powers. However, in the Brazilian revolution, Dom Pedro let Brazil gain its independence without conflict. The thing that was significant about gaining independence was that Portuguese did not revolt against Brazil.
Instead, Portuguese let Brazil have it's independence. The Brazilian Revolution was significant in many ways. It was also different than other nation's revolutions. Above is a picture of Prince Pedro when Brazil gained independence. Dom Pedro Brazilian Flag
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