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Chris McCandless Transcendentalist Beliefs

No description

Alexis Colon

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Chris McCandless Transcendentalist Beliefs

Chris McCandless Transcendentalist Beliefs
Respect for Nature
He felt terrible when he had to kill an animal and did not waste any of its parts. Transcendentalists think nature is sacred and should be treated with respect. In Jon Krakauer
Into the Wild
, he says, "That ambivalence turned to remorse soon after he shot the moose." Chris shot the moose, then he realized the horror of what he had done and regretted it.
Personal Freedom
Transcendentalists hated the government and liked their own freedom. Chris felt the same way. In Jon Krakauer
Into the Wild
, he says,"How I feed myself is none of the governments business. Fuck their rules." He hated the fact that the government knew everything.
The White House
Self- Reliant
Chris became self- reliant and didn't have other people judging him to influence who he was. In Jon Krakauer
Into the Wild,
he says, "No thanks, I'll be fine with what I got." He didn't want anyone to help him in any way because he thought he could do everything by himself. Being self-reliant, chris depended on only himself and took responsibility if things didn't turn out the way he hoped.
Get In Touch With Nature
During Chris' time in the wild he became very close with nature. He used natural resources, like trees for firewood and berries to sustain him. He loved everything about spending time in the woods. He loved the smell of the pine trees and the quietness that was so serene. He spent a lot of time with the animals when he stalked them. He also spent a lot of time looking at different plants by trying to figure out which ones were healthy to eat. Chris depended on the wild to survive.
Thoreau quote
In Henry David Thoreau
, he says, "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately. To front only the essential facts of life." Thoreau and Chris went into the woods because they wanted to live life to the fullest.
Chris' intuition told him to leave his comfortable life and go into the wilderness with nothing. He left his family and friends to find peace and live by himself. He didn't care if people told him he was crazy. He just listened to his instincts and trusted himself.
Inspiration of Others
Chris' journey has been a huge inspiration for many people around the world. People still follow in his footsteps 20 years later because they want to be able experience nature like he did. He inspired people to take risks and to live your life with no regrets.
Alaskan woods
Transcendental Beliefs
Transcendental beliefs are unique and are not made to be taken literally. Chris took one of the beliefs seriously and ended up paying for it with his life. These beliefs are meant be thought of and not acted upon.
Transcendentalist's beliefs
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