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The Olympics

No description

Trisha Balakrishnan

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Olympics

The Olympics Hey dudes, wanna know some info on the Olympic sports? Warning: You may cheer so loud that you will lose your voice! Why? Because this is so epic! The Olympics are a competition that was started by the Greek gods. It started in Ancient Greece. We will now learn about it! What Are The Olympics? Some Olympic sports are swimming and gymnastics. We will be talking of these sports a LOT today, By... Trisha and Neha Gymnastics Gymnastics is a cool sport
in the Olympics. Summersaults,
and cartwheels are part of gymno.
So, make sure you only do saults in
the summer. And cartwheels with
a cart that has wheels. One time, I saw a cart that didn't have wheels. Geesh! Gabby Douglas is a gymnast. She was born in 1995. She is African American. She was the first African American to win the all-round gymnastics competition. She won this in the 2012 Olympics. SwImMiNg SpOrT Swimming is an
Olympic sport. You
probably know how
to swim. If you do,
you know there are
many types like
freestyle, backstroke,
and many others.
Olympic swimming
is much difficult than
normal swimming. Jordyn Wieber Jordyn Wieber is one of the most famous gymnasts ever. Let's learn a bit about this young lady today. born on July 12th 1995 in DeWitt, Michigan
middle name is Marie
height is 5' 2"
5' 2" is also 1. 57 meters
nationality is American
sibling is Ryan
parents are Rita and David Michael Phelps Michael Phelps is a retired Olympic swimmer. He will be turning 28 this June 30th. He was born on June 30th 1985. His favorite color is blue. He has won 22 medals in his whole career, 18 of them gold. In the 2008 Olympics he won 8 gold medals, beating Mark Spitz's record of 7 gold medals in a single Olympics. When he won eight medals in the 2008 Olympics, he participated in 8 events and broke a world record in 7 of them and an Olympic record in 1 of them. In the 2000 Olympics, he was the youngest male athlete on the U.S. Swim Team. His shoe size is 14 and his wingspan is 6' 7". He is 6' 4". His coach is Bob Bowman. Missy Franklin Melissa "Missy" Franklin is an Olympic swimmer. She won 5 medals in the 2012 Olympics, 4 of them being gold and 1 of them being bronze. She is 6' 1". She was born on May 10th 1995. Missy's wingspan is 6' 4" and her shoe size is 13. Her coach is Todd Schmitz. cheerleader princesses! 67 Now, you will be seeing an awesome glogster! Ryan Lochte is another famous swimmer. Let's watch a video about him. Aly Raisman is another famous gymnast. Let's watch a video to learn more about her. Now, let's learn about gymnastics and swimming in the past! Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci was an amazing gymnast. At the age of 14, she was the first person to ever get a perfect ten.
She was born on November 12th 1961 (Trisha's sister's birthday). Let's watch a video to learn more about this talented woman. Click on this to be navigated to a video about Nadia Comaneci.
http://www.olympic.org/nadia-comaneci http://rbrtrisha.edu.glogster.com/olympics Mark Spitz Mark Spitz is an amazing swimmer whose record of seven gold medals has only been surpassed by Michael Phelps. He was born on February 10th 1950. He is an American. Let's watch a video about him. Now We'll go to do a poll about this Prezi. ` We're going to learn about the past Olympics first because Neha and I are dressed up in old-fashioned clothes! Just kidding! We're going to talk about present Olympics first!
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