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Reid Assesment 2

No description

charlie jacobs

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Reid Assesment 2

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli How are Catal Huyuk and Egypt civilizations alike and different in how they are formed?
Catal Huyuk and Egypt differ from when they are formed like in 7,000 BCE and 3,000 BCE. First Civilization: Catal Huyuk Second Civilization: Egypt Important Vocabulary Words for Catal Huyuk James Mellaart- first human to excavate Catal Huyuk in the 1960's.
Turkey- a country in Southern Asia.
Goddesses- a female god.
Pottery- the manufacture of clay
Jewelers- people that make jewelry. Important Vocabulary Words for Egypt Nile River- a huge river in Egypt.
Hieroglyphics- writing belonging to a system of writing.
Papyrus- the pith of the papyrus plant used to be written on.
Pharaoh- a ruler of ancient Egypt.
Egypt- a country in North East Africa. Made figurines of clay and stone figurines that could have been a God or Goddess.
Had no for sure religion that I know about.
They had also made jewelry for people that could be for their God. Catal Huyuk Egypt Venn Diagram of Religion and Government Government The people of Catal Huyuk did not have government because they thought everyone should be treated equaly. Egyptians believed in Gods and Goddesses.
They worshiped these Gods in temples.
They also believed that everybody was composed of spiritual and physical aspects. Government Egypt had a distinct government, and a government directed economy.
They are governed under a Pharaoh or a God King. These two civilization dont have much in common other than believing in Gods. Catal Huyuk Egypt When, where and how was each civilization first formed? When- Formed in 7,000 BCE, 9,012 years ago.
Where- Formed in Southern Turkey in Asia.
How- It was one of the worlds first towns, and was built in the neolithic time period. Excavated by James Mellaart in the 1960's. When- 3,000 BCE, 5,012 years ago.
Where- Egypt, NorthEast Africa.
How- In neolithic period, people settled by the Nile River to create Egypt. Built in neolithic period. Where is Egypt on the map? Where is Catal Huyuk on the map? These two ancient civilizations are not alike in much form. For example Catal Huyuk is 4,000 years older than Egypt. Egypt also had more ideas as in religion and government, because Catal Huyuk didn't have these things or beliefs. Catal Huyuk had different ways of living than Egypt, and Egypt had different things like mummification, Pharaohs, and Gods. But over all these civilizations were fun to learn about, and are very interesting. James Mellaart Cites http://www.catalhoyuk.com/bibliography.html
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