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Dimension Map

Keeps track of 'my' multiverse.

Amanda Sylvester

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Dimension Map

D.M. Multiverse
Level 10 Dimensions
Level 9 Dimensions
Level 8 Dimensions
Level 7 Dimensions
Level 5 Dimensions
Level 4 Dimensions
While just as magical as any recognized major dimension level, level 8 dimensions have a tendency towards forming highly repressive and aggressive societal structures, oft similar to those of the early ages of the Human dimension.
Holds only one populated planet, in the Milky way. This planet is known as Earth. The standard group of 30 fairies, witches, and heroes per 100 square miles in a 1:1:1 ratio went to scout it in the great conquest age, and found it so boring that they spent the entire time getting drunk. Since then this dimension has not seen much excitement in the way of magic. Those nuclear bombs of theirs could one day make them a serious player in the multiverse, but that's a long way off. For now, the only magical tie to this dimension is Bloom herself.
10.9 (The Human Dimension)
Level 3 Dimensions
9.5 (The Magix Dimension)
Level 6 Dimensions
Level 2 Dimensions
Level 1 Dimensions
Only ever speculated upon, the existence of these dimensions have never been confirmed to large groups of outsiders. The inhabitants of all these dimensions are quite frankly happier without the added stress of helpless visitors, and will do a great deal to ensure their uninterrupted lifestyle, including (but not limited to) murder. Unlike all recognized dimensions, these realms have only one dimensional gateway each, if any. While they use the same main classification system up to the point of the first decimal point, these dimensions are not distinguished via further decimal points. Rather, a letter/symbol method is used to identify each realm. This is due to the fact that they have not technically been discovered.
Level 0 Dimensions
The place people go to get out of situations they find themselves in, it is comprised of one central realm and a multitude of independent sectors. Imbroglio is an artificial pocket dimension, and no one knows who actually owns the gates. This dimension, for all its positive attributes, also holds the center for the dark underbelly of all magical trade in the multiverse.
1) No sun, plenty of tiny moons scattered throughout.
2) Major points -> Veritas Pro Nura
-> Mort Mercatura
3) Exactly 7 777 777 miles from one far reach to the other; it is speculated that the owner of Imbroglio is a devout numerologist.
4) Climate controlled, Imbroglio's sectors have the perfect temperatures for their purposes.
5) Main threats -> Cursed books
-> Mob bosses
-> Dirty deals
-> Blood theft
-> Unplanned grudge matches
-> Vengeful ghosts
-> Illegal potions
-> Technophilic plots
6) There is no prejudice, but only because everybody either hates everyone, or loves everyone. Usually the former.
7) Run by the top members of every gang to ever be established in Imbroglio.
7.3 (Imbroglio)
1.5 (Shadowhaunt)
Each dimension rating is determined by
a group of 10 fairies, 10 witches, and 10 heroes per 100 square miles. After the first week, the number of survivors from each group is divided by 3 and then averages. That becomes the base number. The decimal number can be 1, 5, or 9. 1 means that the dimension has high potential to have its base number lowered, while 9 means the dimension is likely to rise on the scale. A 5 signifies the ability for a dimension to move either way. All following numbers or letters denote a specific dimension, rather than its danger rating.

Note: it's easiest to think of each dimension as a country and each planet within the dimension as a different county/province/territory/state. It's a similar interaction between dimensions, simply on a grander scale.
Terra-formed dimension comprised of a single landmass. Rectangular prism in base shape.
1) One sun, 2 moons. This difference has no effect on gravity.
2) Major points -> Radium Mountains
-> Big Three (Alfea, Red Fountain, Cloud Tower)
-> Magix City (Magical trade center of the multiverse)
-> The Obsidian Desert
-> The Crown Ocean
-> The Crater
3) Approximately 230 000 miles diagonally across.
4) Close political ties with Solaria
5)Similar climate to that of Earth, barring the Obsidian Desert which has a temperature more like the Earth's core.
6) Main threats -> Swamp trolls
-> Wyrms
-> Black basilisks
-> Radium poisoning
-> Siren packs
7) Constant teenage aggression between the major magic groups, but no genocide in history.
8) Technically ruled by a king, but the headmistresses and headmaster of the Big Three are the ones pulling all the strings.
Veritas Pro Nura
The sector focusing on magical knowledge. It is divided into 10 large planets by difficulty of the spell, rather than type.
The sector focusing on mathematic feats and learning how to do them. Mathematica is comprised of a multitude of mid-size planets focusing on different branches of arithmetic.
This is the sector where creativity flourishes. All the arts are taught here: acting, music, visual arts, and anything else you can think of. Too bad the name is so droll.
The scientific sector, where anything from creature biology to noetics can be found. Each branch of study has its own planet of corresponding size.
A sector of faith. Or at the very least, about faith. Every religion known to existence is registered here, where people can learn everything about them. Each religion has a separate planet to avoid feuds.
This sector holds all sorts of records of combat- history, types, forms, even scrolls of katas. For those who can keep these forms in their head and practice for hours without any other guide, Confligenda is invaluable.
A sector for anyone trying to blend in with a new culture, Culturae has everything on every culture out there. From history, to mannerisms, to language, to myths, it can all be found here.
Finally, a sector for the jocks of the multiverse. This is where you can learn about all kinds of sports, from dance to football, from dragon racing to gymnastics.
Veritas Pro Nura is the go-to library of the multiverse. Divided into eight main sections of knowledge (mathematics, magic, the arts, science, religion, combat, culture, and athletics), this is not the sort of library you would take your progeny to. There are no story books here, no fiction of any kind. Only cold hard fact exists in Veritas, and that will likely never change.
The Coven Sector
5.1 (Plodding Realm)
Warlock Sector
Ancestors' Sector
Home to the most violent Wiccans known to man, the only reason this dimension isn't a level 2 or 3 is because they don't go out of their way to attack anyone. People tend to just stay in their villages, only leaving to make the annual ancestors' journey and to make war in other dimensions. Non-Wiccan visitors can stay alive so long as they avoid civilization during their stay, and as long as they know how to survive the creatures. It should be noted that this dimension was completely without intelligent life up until recently, following the great purge.

1) The is no sun here, instead a single radioactive moon in between the three sectors, kept stationary through rune magic. The radioactivity allows for a difference between night and day, where the moon's appearance marks day rather than night.
2) Major points -> The Ancestors Woods of Ancestors'
-> Kappa Swamp on Planet Rosetta of Coven
-> The Demon Fighting Ring on Planet Glyph of Warlock
3) Nearly 500 000 miles in diameter.
4) Equatorial climate in day, Mediterranean climate at night.
5) Main Threats -> Warlocks and Crones
-> Kappas
-> Ancestral ghosts
-> Swamp Fever
-> Wild facerobbers
6) The odd clan war occurs, but other than that there is no real point of aggression.
7) There is no main form of government here. Each clan or village governs itself in whatever way. Even when the inhabitants wage war elsewhere, it's generally a clan decision rather than a realm decision.
This is where new clans are formed; comprised mainly of extremely old Wiccans. This is actually the most dangerous sector in The Plodding Realm, because by the time someone reaches the age to move here, they are so proficient with their black magic that to cross a Wiccan here is to know your entire line will suffer endlessly.
The Warlock sector is where the young Wiccans live, practicing their magic and starting families. They stay here for the majority of their lifespans; a full century before moving onto the Coven Sector.
This where the ancient and sickly go to die, and they make sure people know it. The Ancestors' Sector is famous throughout the multiverse for being the largest consistent haunting site in existence. The Ancestors' Wood at the Northwest corner of this sector has become a famous landmark, despite the vicious spirits that linger, for its striking appearance. Beware the poison roses; touching one will bind your soul to the surrounding area and leave you dead within a week.
8.1 (Veridi)
A dimension comprised of seven colonized planets and thirteen reserve planets, the majority of Veridi's planets hold a geographical quality that brings old stories of quaint English country-sides to mind.
1) Contains 1 sun in the form of a Blue Supergiant, surrounded by icy carbon deposits. Each planet had 2-4 moons within orbit, with the exception of Jubiil (You-bee), the main planet. Jubiil is circled by only one moon, which is a true pain for any spells relying on a dual-moon cycle.
2) Main points -> The whispering woods
-> Flaming bogs
-> The Crystalline cliff face
-> The Sleeping Gardens of Fair Lady Hedwig
-> The Molten Execution Crags of Nyneia (Nin-eh-ah)
3) The planets range from a miniscule circumference of 25 000 miles (Jubiil) to

a staggering 40 000 miles (Nyneia).
4) Unlike most other dimensions Veridi is a loner, with absolutely no political ties. Most dimensions avoid dealing with Veridians on the whole, due to the dark nature of the dimension's history.
5) For all but Nyneia, the average climate keeps to long periods of cool rain with very short spurts of extreme heat and light.
6) Main threats-> Aggrieved minor deities leading travelers astray, commonly found in the whispering woods.
-> Will-o-the-wisps, though they are more an annoyance than anything, to the locals.
-> Cain Vipers, small but deadly. The very ground they move over blackens at their touch. These are the wasps of Veridi: you don't need to do anything to make them attack; if they see you in range they WILL bite. Symptoms include burning flesh, aggressive organ failure, and a very messy death.
-> Pygmy ogres are known to eat children sleeping in refuse piles and fields. It is said that sleeping at the foot of a door will prevent death by ogre, but few waifs have the opportunity to find out, as most Veridians have spiked doormats to put out at night, kept in place with binding spells.
7) Veridi Is infamous for its misandric culture wherein men are considered no better than animals or sex objects. In such a culture children come before marriage, and only a small percentage of men live long enough to sire a child, never mind convincing a woman to marry him. Male babies are often drowned at birth, or tossed into the bins with the rest of the day's trash. It is common for boys that survive past the first five years to form 'packs' with others, stealing and killing their way to adulthood. It is the highest goal, for young me, to escape Veridi to any other dimension.
8) Ruled by a 4000 woman council elected by the women of Veridi.
The center of operations for Veridi, Jubiil is home to the Sleeping Gardens of Fair lady Hedwig, as well as Council City, the capital of Veridi.

Major plot points: Veriadriand (Very-a-dry-on-
), a minor city of a mere 23 000 people, rests just outside of the Sleeping Gardens. It is also the hometown of Red Fountain's very own Riven, who grew up in the winding streets of the outskirts of Veriadriand. Here he found himself desperately trying to help three very young boys survive. They were put down like dogs in front of his eyes four years after he took them in when he was 12 years old. He barely escaped with his life, losing his would-be murderers in the the bog separating Veriadriand from the Sleeping Gardens. Half mad with grief and rage, Riven stumbled into the Gardens. He hadn't taken more than ten steps before the garden's magic put him to sleep, at the mercy of any who stumbled upon him.

It was sheer luck that Lady Hedwig was the one to find him, for she held all children in her heart but especially orphans. She had planted the gardens to distract her from the sickness she perceived in her culture, watching as boys were left to survive on their own. But the high society women around her saw the beauty of her gardens, and guarded them from the very children they had been planted for. Lady Hedwig had not had the joy of a child in her gardens for many decades.

And so she took the young man in, doing her best to educate him in her ways, and in the ways of other dimension's men. For three years they lived together, and Riven held Lady Hedwig dear to his heart, but he never forgot the cruelty that had befallen his charges. He dreamed of changing the ways of Veridi, but had not the power or knowledge to do so. Thus, impassioned with visions of safety for all men, he plead to Lady Hedwig, that she would send him somewhere that he could train and study further.

She saw his mind and shared his vision, and Lady Hedwig saw a future light in the darkness of Veridi. So she bid her dear Riven farewell, and secreted him to Magix in a small family ship. Though it has been four years since, she awaits the day when her darling orphan boy will return. For with him shall come light.
One of the seven colonized planets, Nyneia is used as a penal colony and execution site. Unlike the other six inhabited planets, Nyneia has the approximate climate of a oven: sweltering, humid, and full of odd smells. There are no guards as prisoners are instead kept on the planet via advanced sealing runes. There they are left to fight for survival, often feeding on each other's flesh in order to delay starvation. Some starve to death regardless. Others succumb to the heat.

Then there are the minor criminals, whose crimes warrant punishment but not torture. These men and women are taken to the execution crags, where they are then lead to a high platform and made to jump. Most end up impaled upon the crags, though a few unlucky ones are battered betwixt the blood-stained protrusions and slowly give in to severe shock. And you thought prison was bad.
Loagos (a minor surveillance planet)
A small planet full of darkness, drugs, and back alley deals. Loagos is NOT consumer friendly, though it is one of the most rapidly developing planets in Imbroglio.

Main point -> Tesla, Capital of Loagos and primary setting for the Light Aftermath arc.
Tesla's honeycombed road layout is the brain child of the same shadow-genius behind Imbroglio itself, also known as none-of your-business.
0.5 (Eternal Darkness)
Known as the dimension of one thousand planets to those who know of it, though that is a slight stretch. It only has six hundred eighty-three.
1) One fading star in the farthest corner acts as a sun for the two closest planets, bathing everything in a barely-there grey light. The rest of the planets make due with bioluminescence and glowing magma pools.
2) Major points-> Son, if you're a stranger and you're here, you're either here to make a specific request of the Lo-Anai, or you're here to die.
-> The Crypt. Ruling place of the Lo-Anai and his or her council. Found in the center of the capital of Seihah.
-> The sulphur pools of Alindrei, where the Gorgons leave their shed skins.
-> The Singing Rock Gardens of Fandreiagh, where the manti draw elaborate salt patterns around the rocks, lit only by their dying sun.
-> The Dragon of the Four, guardian of the seasons. She lives in a labyrinth under the blue mountains of Majigor.
-> The Copse of the Damned, where re-animated corpses roam without aim. It floats above the woods of Crypt, occasionally dropping a skeleton on someone's doorstep.
-> The Fungal Forest of Lo-dinh, where all manner of mushroom, giant and tiny, harmless and tortuous, sentient and braindead, live together.
3) The average planet within Eternal Darkness has a circumference of about 30 000 miles.
4) No political ties, but the Lo-Anai occasionally sends out a few warriors to fulfill some mercenary work,
to aid a friend.
5) Climates differ greatly from planet to planet.
6) Main threats-> ANY fauna.
-> ANY flora.
-> Fast-flowing magma rivers
-> Poisonous lakes
-> The locals
-> Powerful repelling spells
-> Sudden unmarked cliffs
-> Nearly pitch-black darkness
-> Labyrinthian roads
7) In terms of crime and inter-personal upset, Eternal Darkness is a fairly tame place. People have enough to survive without adding their neighbour to the list of threats.
8) Power, intellect, and instinct are the main deciding factors in the choosing of a Lo-Anai. The council (whose members are elected at adulthood, and stay in power until death or disgrace) appoints a new Lo-Anai every ten years from a group of two dozen candidates on Seihah. This Lo-Anai then rules without question for the next decade before helping train the successor.

6.5 (Teixidura)
One of the oldest known dimensions outside of those with divine purpose, Teixidura's language, Xidur, is said to have spawned several sub languages that remain in use by other dimensions even today. Among these languages are Earth's Catalan, Haitian Creole, and Turkish languages. Low Kada is the only other language frequently used.
1) One sun, no moons
2) Major points -> surface cactus gardens
-> free college level courses on human/familiar joint magics, low spirit summonings
-> underground race tracks
-> the empty mine town of Madencilik
-> the markets of Jaden flè, Vuitena Etapa, and Demir Gül
-> shrine of Evlenmemiş Kadın, the Empress of arachnids
-> shrine of Achter Swen, the Patron of insects
-> Dechè Vanteu- what would be a burial ground if the high speed winds didn't blow away any sand coverings. Instead of burial the dead are placed in heavy glass 'aquariums' for lack of better word, dressed in their most colourful clothing and surrounded by small plants and pewter jewelery. Their faces are bound in white linen and their names are engraved into the glass at their feet.
3) Main planet (Dokuma) approximately 5,610 miles in diameter, while three currently untouched ice planets orbit further out.
4) Cycles of constant and no trading with 7.3, cold relations with Veridi, constant lucrative trade with 5.1.
5) Surface desert climate with high speed winds during winter months, cooler underground climate. No rain, water is drilled and/or traded for.
6) Main threats -> organ thieves
-> wild spiders, hornets, other insects
-> the occasional conflict between the various nomadic groups and their metropolic counterparts
-> rogue spirits, demons, risen skeletons
-> mirages
-> cactus juice
7) Capitalist planet, no real ruling body. Companies in charge of large scale trades/alliances, committees in charge of intra-planetary issues.
A desert world inhabited by humans, massive insects, and spiders big enough to act as steeds. Different cities use different spider species, though there are overlaps. Cities of web and steel rise to the edge of the atmosphere on the surface, while huge interconnected underground caverns house great spires of clay and glass. Burrowing spiders and their riders rest on the surface outskirts while clawed cave spiders rest at the highest points above underground highways. Beetles scurry along cavern walls and the sands of the surface while aphids, moths, and winged spiders (just because earth doesn't believe in them doesn't mean they can't exist on Dokuma) flit around-and-through webs and laundry lines alike. Food is spicy here: heavy on carbs and vegetables, low on meat, hot enough to burn a weaker man's face off. Dairy is only consumed by children. Clothing is colourful and wild, covering almost the entire body to ward off the chill of the caverns and to prevent sunstroke on the surface. People keep their hair in every colour and style they can think of, and often adorn themselves with flowers, full body jewelery, and the occasional imported lightning bugs. While the shrines of Evlenmemis Kadin and Achter Swen are diligently cared for, religion is considered a private matter. Some worship an almighty God, some a pantheon, some worship themselves.
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