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Rebecca Leven

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of McLuhan

History Born: July 1911, Canada
Died:December 1980 Philosopher Professor of
Enlish Literature Literary Critic Communication
Theorist Rhetorician Head of Center
for Culture and
Technology Marshall McLuhan Roman Catholic Convert
Devout Christian throughout his live Did a lot of stuff! Medium is the Message Technologies that deliver message exert and effect on the way we perceive messages Study the Medium Rather than
the content For Example Spoken Word has potential for reaction
change of inflection
body language
Written Word expands visual power of words
slower, cruder than spoken word
harder to jump from subject to subject
Hot Medium Cold Medium However,other unexpected things can be considered mediums as well.
For example the clothes we wear are a medium for communicating a message Global Village electric technology has brought us together and made us more aware of the global village where people connect across physical boundaries it has implications for rhetoric because it changes how we perceive the world and our identity response time how do we group ourselves distance and spread of communication how long does information last less participation emphasize use of one sense
over others provides a high amount
of information radio lectures book interactive internet telephone more effort to determine
meaning little involvement with
much stimulous seminars McLuhan created categories for understand mediums ==> ==> ==> ==> He also saw the world changing as a response to electronic mediums Famous Quotes "With telephone and TV it is not so much the message as the sender that is 'sent.'"
- McLuhan
"Today each of us lives several hundred years in a decade."- McLuhan so what does that leave us with? McLuhan taught us to reconsider how the medium effects the message and to consider how technology changes the world what have you learned?
would it have been different if
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