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Father Albert Lacombe

No description

Nicholas D

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Father Albert Lacombe

Father Albert Lacombe
Father Lacombe tried to teach the cree and metis about the new testament.

What country did he come from?
He was born in Saint-Sulpice,Quebec,Canada
How did he interact with the First Nations?
With Cree language to communicate.So he had supplies.
Why is Father Lacombe famous?
by: Nicholas D. and Cole R.
What where his reasons for exploring?
He is now remembered for having brokered a peace between the Cree and Blackfoot, negotiating construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway through Blackfoot territory, and securing a promise from the Blackfoot leader Crowfoot to refrain from joining the North-West Rebellion of 1885.
What are some fascinating facts about Father Lacombe?
He was a missionary

At age 22 on June 13 1849 he became a priest.

His parents were farmers so he had a family farm

Made:by Cole.R! & Nicholas.D!
What years did our explorer set out on his voyage?
He was on his adventure 1850-1861.To find a new part of Alberta
What part of Canada did he discover?
Saint-Paul des Cris in brosseau
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