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All about me!

All about me and what I like and dislike

Katie Feetham

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of All about me!

All about me!!! I'm mean And I love
pain, thats why I'm a emo! YAY Details about ME!!! My Family!!! Mum Dad Me My brother (alex) What are my favourite things at home On the computer Playing with my pets Playing piano Wii On my laptop Playing
music My Pets Mustashio
(Lizard) Ruby
(chicken) Miss tufty
(chicken) Herman
(tortuse) Lilly
(tortuse) Look there's mee!! Cappuccino
(chicken) And some fish... My friends
YAY! (the best part) Julia! Stephanie! Cyril! Jamal! Chloe! Tom! My Family live's in whitchurch which is in bristol. My chickens live outside in the back garden (it's recked). Dil lives in our dining-room so do herman, lilly and my lizard. Alex live's by me and the rest of my friends are from my school My Favourite food's Chocolate is my favourite Chocolate brownies Apples KFCs chicken nuggets Chips
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