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Bob the Note Builder

Social Studies Conference Presentation

Laura Hunter

on 26 February 2012

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Transcript of Bob the Note Builder

How can note-building help students organize, analyze and remember an overwhelming amount of content? Remember How do I get my students to transfer knowledge from a primary source activity to meaningful notes? Stations How do I get my students to USE content vocabulary in meaningful ways? Group notes Organizing concepts Day 1:
Thinking about
vocabulary Think Question Relate Bob the Note Builder:
Can we build it?
YES WE CAN! Day 2:
group notes Day 4: Organize Organize Analyze Cause and Effect Charts Predict Translate Research Revise Discuss Day 3:
Practice Picture/Icon Association Teaching Questioning and Thinking Routines Connect 4 How can I... Go to http://www.edmodo.com
Group code: 9celzj Cold War Communism v. Democracy
Lasted over 45 years Containment Keeping communism
from spreading Domino Theory One falls,
then another -
USA in danger (These documents are from the SAME station) How can I incorporate note- building into something I already use? Lets Review! Integrate vocab into lessons
Record with meaningful "notes"
Practice "Old School" Lessons Turn it into a "layered"
note experience
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