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How schools are funded?

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on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of How schools are funded?

Equity and Adequacy
The equity question: Does each school across the state have the same amount of funding?
The adequacy question: Is there enough funding so that students can achieve?
Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), every child in the state had the right to an adequate education.
Primary Sources of Funding
While taxes from a variety of local, state, and federal sources provide funding, the three main sources of funding come from:
property taxes (limitations and advantages)
sales or use taxes
income taxes
State Funding Sources
State funding provides an equal educational opportunity for students.

Four categories:
sales and gross receipt taxes
income taxes
New Funding Sources Being Explored
With the legal issues arising from funding, new sources are being explored:
more student fees
more fund-raising schemes
taxation of marijuana
state foundation programs
School Funding
All three questions have to be addressed for funding:
How much will each source pay?
Is there equity in the distribution?
Are the resources adequate so that all students can achieve the identified outcomes?
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