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Tite kubo

manga artist

kasumi watagawa

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Tite kubo

Tite Kubo Zombie Powder Bleach a japenese manga artist.
his most known art is bleach the manga series.
born in june 26,1977.his influence was from another manga artist's manga
named saint seiya by masami kuru mada ans used it to write bleach.
tites main inspiration is rock music
. when tite draws the injuries he tries to
make them look real so the readers can
feel the pain . tite would deicide how the personality of his character after he drew it . Bleach was created by tite in 2001
its about a high school boy buy then meets a shinigami named rukia and turns into one to save his family so then he becomes a shinigami . zombie powder was published in 1999 but was unfinished titie working on his manga characters/work bleach zombie powder rukia kuchiki THE END
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