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Prelude: The Barbershop

No description

Jeanette Espejo

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Prelude: The Barbershop

He is frustrated of not being accepted regardless of his race and education.
Vershawn Ashanti Young
Earned his PhD Department African American Studies & English
Young's Purpose
According to Vershawn, he wrote this prelude because he "...was struck with just how different I am from a lot of other black men..." (Paragraph #1).
Adaptive Personalities
The way he behaves at the white campus and barbershop is based on "a racial and cultural distinction." (Paragraph #5).
Traits & Hallmarks of a Black men
Traits: "The men I observed walked with that lanky dip I wish I could perfect." (Paragraph #1).
Prelude: The Barbershop
By: Vershawn Ashanti Young
Expert on contemporary African American experience
Interested in issues dealing with African American language, literature, gender (masculinity), and performance
Hallmark: "Fresh bald fade one of the trendy hallmarks of black masculinity." (Paragraph #1).
Young's Claims
Young claims, "... and yet again I was compelled to acknowledge my desire to be like them." (Paragraph #1).
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