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Forensic Odontology

No description

Terence Simpson

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Forensic Odontology

Forensic Odontology

Uses dental evidence and forensics to identify human remains and bite marks.
Why is Forensic Odontology Useful?
Odontology In the Real World
Ordontology Cases
What exactly do they do in the real world?
Use dental evidence to estimate the age of the victim
Present evidence in court so these scientists must be familiar with the judicial system
Use bite marks as forensic evidence
Why are they useful
Can be used to identify bite marks and identify victims in court
Uses dental records, photographs and post mortem reports to present evidence
Odontologists can use impressions in chewing gum to identify a suspect!
Irish Republican Army Case
Billy Craig and his father were both shot by IRA hitman
Only evidence left was a partly eaten apple and empty cartridges
Good Ol Ted Bundy
Lisa Levy and Martha Bowman were brutally assualted and raped in a Florida State University Frat House
A notorious criminal he wiped the room of fingerprints and other evidence but made a mistake..
Types of Bite Marks
A culprit can leave bite marks that classify as striations, swirls, whorls and much more.
Distance between teeth, tooth gaps and deformed teeth stand out easier to these scientists
Bite marks on the victims body are very useful and facilitates the conviction process.

So how was this case solved?
Due to Forensic Odontology the apple proved to be very valuable.
Upon further examinations scientists discovered that the killer had a deformed jaw.
Forensic scientists were then able to make accurate assumptions that the killer had
a large nose
a high forehead
was very tall and thin
and breathing difficulties
So what happened?

The police happened to find a suspect who was very close to this description.
A cast was taken of the suspect teeth and it was an identical match!
Long story short the IRA hitman had to serve 7 consecutive life sentences!!
What was his mitake?
He bit Lisa Levy on her buttock which allowed Odontologists to investigate
He also left sperm samples and blood
So What Happened?
Mr. Bundy was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle
Police got a search warrant that forced Bundy to give a dental impression
The imprint was an identical match to the one left on Lisa Levy's buttock
Bundy had a notorious track record and was sentenced to death in the electric chair! Ouchh
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